When I shot Borami + Anthony's engagement session and after getting to know them I knew that everything about their wedding was going to be timeless! Justin and I thoroughly enjoyed this day, the venue was gorgeous (Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu), the couple was gorgeous, the ambiance was gorgeous, and we were able to work again with the lovely ladies of Events of Love And Splendor!
ba_wedblog002.jpgba_wedblog003.jpgba_wedblog004.jpgba_wedblog005.jpgba_wedblog006.jpgAnthony has a thing for monkeys, I thought his cuff links were pretty sweet!
ba_wedblog007.jpgba_wedblog008.jpgLOVED the flower girl and ring bearer looks!
ba_wedblog009.jpgMy favorite detail of the day, the ring bearer's outfit!
ba_wedblog010.jpgba_wedblog011.jpgba_wedblog012.jpgba_wedblog013.jpgba_wedblog014.jpgba_wedblog015.jpgba_wedblog016.jpgba_wedblog017.jpgba_wedblog018.jpgba_wedblog019.jpgba_wedblog020.jpgba_wedblog021.jpgba_wedblog022.jpgba_wedblog023.jpgba_wedblog024.jpgba_wedblog025.jpgba_wedblog026.jpgba_wedblog027.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!
ba_wedblog028.jpgba_wedblog029.jpgba_wedblog030.jpgba_wedblog031.jpgba_wedblog032.jpgba_wedblog033.jpgba_wedblog035.jpgba_wedblog036.jpgba_wedblog037.jpgba_wedblog038.jpgba_wedblog039.jpgba_wedblog040.jpgba_wedblog041.jpgba_wedblog042.jpgba_wedblog043.jpgAnthony's grandfather taking the bride for a dance!
Be sure to click here to see more in a slideshow!

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rog said:
I'm going to make you work for this one. 私はあなたがまだアメリアダウン、それを保持嬉しい。あなたは、常にそれをすべての時間で人々と写真家の最高の最高になります。うん。
(08.30.11 01:07 PM)
Sara Lucero said:
SO MANY GOOD PHOTOS IN THIS BUNCH!! I love the photo of them seated amongst all their smiling guests. Looks like such a good moment in the wedding!! p.s. i actually love them all.
(08.30.11 01:09 PM)
Chantel Marie said:
beauuuuutiful use of the light! ahhh you're amazing. welll done lady:))
(08.30.11 01:30 PM)
Isabella said:
Love these! great job! great panning.
(08.30.11 01:34 PM)
francis said:
Bombtastic! That swing photographs beautifully! I faved all the door shots.. Classic AL shots!
(08.30.11 02:02 PM)
Derren said:
Awesome! Absolutely love the shot on the carousel!
(08.30.11 04:12 PM)
Polka Dot said:
gorgeous photos! I love that bokeh one--so unique.
(08.30.11 08:05 PM)
Nani said:
You make me happy with these kind of images!! Your work is soooo gggoood! Thankful for finding it!! :))
(08.31.11 12:49 AM)
Erin Kirchhoff, The Locket said:
Love this set! I am in LOVE with your blurred out couple pic on the carousel! If you are comfortable, what lens did you use for the dancing couple pic with the extreme blurred background? It looks like a tilt shift of some sort to me. If so, do you have experience with more than one tilt shift or do you have a preference of one over another? I'm in the market for one and haven't found anyone who has much advice on comparing them! Thanks a million, Erin, The Locket
(08.31.11 11:46 AM)
lucas said:
beauuuuutiful use of the light! ahhh you're amazing. welll done lady
(09.01.11 06:22 PM)
Charrie said:
Your work is amazing! I love how the horses are watching them kiss at the ceremony!
(09.01.11 06:34 PM)
Elie said:
Beautifuls pics !
(09.15.11 03:51 AM)
Clay said:
I liked all your photos. Each photo illustrates the expression of their happiness. Everyone who sees this photo, would have smiled to himself. Because I just saw him, and smiled to myself.
(09.28.11 10:59 PM)
Chris said:
This is some truly amazing photography.. I am very inspired, Great work!
(03.25.12 06:35 PM)
Black N Bianco said:
Great job on the photography! Beautiful rustic wedding.
(12.22.13 03:40 PM)