Aaaaaand, the grand finale of all the Best of 2010 series goes to the feature of all my favorite wedding photos from last year, not just my favorite photos, but favorite moments as well that took place during each wedding! 

It's so rad & (I'll go ahead & say it) gratifying to see all the hard work put together in its entirety! Thank you to all our beautiful wedding clients, you made our year fantastic & what a blessing/treat it was to work with each one of you!

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maggie Fortson said:
Wow! What a year you guys had. I have enjoyed all these 2010 posts. Such incredible moments you captured!
(01.27.11 02:00 PM)
Alej Keigan said:
i freaking love your stuff. period.
(01.27.11 02:02 PM)
stacey said:
I just realized that I always save your blog as the last to view. you are the best.
(01.27.11 04:38 PM)
Lyndzee Ellsworth said:
Me love you long time!! =)
(01.27.11 07:19 PM)
mollie said:
That first one! It is so can FEEL the love. #17 with the tree is stunning too!
(01.28.11 05:53 AM)
geneoh said:
Love that first frame!
(01.28.11 09:51 AM)
Karie Denny said:
Simply an amazing body of work. You guys are inspiration to me as a photog. I love viewing your work. Some day, I hope to be as awesome as you guys...
(01.28.11 02:35 PM)
Jaimie Dee - Atlanta Wedding Photographer said:
Wow these are so great and so inspirational!! :)
(01.31.11 01:06 PM)
christina said:
these images are so unbelievably gorgeous!!
(01.31.11 07:51 PM)
Jenny said:
I'm getting your photos! I love them all!!
(01.31.11 08:42 PM)
Tamas Millok said:
Great images! There are lots of stuning ones! Good luck for 2011!
(02.01.11 04:22 PM)
Wayne Yuan Photography said:
Love the colors on the last picture!
(02.02.11 06:23 PM)
Justin Hackworth said:
Wow. I don't even know where to start. There are so many beautiful images here.
(02.03.11 06:53 PM)
SR said:
Breathtaking! All of them!
(02.11.11 05:52 PM)
Catlin Humes said:
Your images are always dynamite! Love the lighting you used this year. Beautiful!!!
(02.24.11 09:50 PM)
Maxine said:
That first photo gave me chills. Gorgeous, beautiful work.
(05.31.11 07:18 PM)