Austin + Jean were married on February 7th at the Occidental College in Los Angeles. This was an interesting day as it was a 100% forecast to rain the ENTIRE day. Not only were we praying for a break from the bad weather, but we heard that Austin's grandmother praying hard as well! Upon arriving to the Langham Hotel in Sierra Madre for prep photos the clouds parted and the sun shined on through...the day could not have been more gorgeous! See, prayers do get answered! Oddly and lucky enough, we had no rain until, literally, the minute the reception started and then it came down like cats and dogs!!!

While Justin attended to the men getting ready I found Jean waiting in her room and all beautified, thanks to talented make-up artist and hair-dresser extraordinaire Nicole DeAnne.


Jean was apparently excited:)


Austin played it cool...



Jean seriously makes for a gorgeous bride!





LOVE this shot by Justin!

The first glance.



My favorite shot of the day, simple, classic, elegant...

Second favorite, artistically shot by Justin.












Austin + Jean were the best to work with!!! We also had such a fun time hanging with them at the WPPI Convention a week later in Las Vegas! Click here to see their slideshow with more awesomeness from their wedding day!

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serena said:
jean & austin look amazing! and that shot of austin in the reflections is crazy!! it was so nice meeting you two at their wedding.
(03.11.09 01:35 AM)
Simply Modern Weddings said:
Oh my...Amelia these are absolutely stunning! I love shot #2, 3, 18, and 21! What a beautiful wedding and couple! :-)
(03.11.09 01:42 AM)
connieMchung said:
duuuude, amelia. these are seriously off the hook.
(03.11.09 02:30 AM)
jeramy said:
This whole wedding is elegant. I remember their engagement session was one of my favorites. AMAZERING!!!!
(03.11.09 07:05 AM)
Liz said:
the mirror/reflection pic is awesome...... very creative. ;)
(03.11.09 07:12 AM)
Maya Laurent said:
I love the shot of them during the ceremony through the hanging flowers. Gorgeous wedding photography as usual!
(03.11.09 07:12 AM)
Yuka photo art said:
Stunning..simply stunning work! Thank yu for morning inparation!
(03.11.09 07:20 AM)
Jared Wilson Photography said:
OK - ridiculously amazing work! I'm stunned.
(03.11.09 07:40 AM)
Matt Dorroh said:
Love, love, love the images! Great work :)
(03.11.09 08:04 AM)
Kayleen T. said:
Beautiful! The tree ones are gorgeous!
(03.11.09 10:03 AM)
Lisa said:
Striking! Phenomenal job!!
(03.11.09 10:33 AM)
babymoon photography said:
Oh, Amelia - these are just lovely!! The glow and flare - you have such a gift!!
(03.11.09 10:40 AM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
Oooooh you guys!!! ;;;gasp;;;;; I can't honestly pick a favorite. I LOVE all of the tree and branchy shots, and Hud,, the reflection shot?? Are you kidding me?......bombtastic! Love you guys!
(03.11.09 11:40 AM)
jenny said:
This wedding is gorgeous! I love the mirror shot- it blows my mind! Your photography is breathtaking!
(03.11.09 11:47 AM)
jesi haack said:
i love the raw excitement you caught on the bride's face! Priceless!
(03.11.09 12:16 PM)
Debbie S said:
I love the garden shots and the night shot with the spotlight on them is beautiful
(03.11.09 01:25 PM)
ashley Parsons said:
beautiful work, guys!! you set the bar so freaking high each time!!!
(03.11.09 02:45 PM)
Lesley said:
Simply stunning. She is gorgeous, your photos, amazing.
(03.11.09 02:59 PM)
GORJ, GORJ, GORJ, GORJ...all i can say is GORJ!!!!! insane light and colors...
(03.11.09 04:48 PM)
denise bovee said:
is there anyone better then you two? i think not :) love these and i loved their engagement session!!
(03.11.09 05:11 PM)
hili said:
i love this set. they are a beautiful couple, and you've caught some really lovely shots .
(03.12.09 01:28 AM)
Kyle said:
WOW, these shots are ALL amazing. In Justin's favorite is that a reflection and a mirror? I love it slash I'm confused by it, haha!!! Also, quick question, the grain in most of the photos, is that from PP or is that in camera?
(03.12.09 07:38 AM)
Darby Simon, myweddingfilm said:
Fab! I love the profile image of her getting ready and the images of him in front of the window. I'm in awe, great job Amelia!
(03.12.09 10:27 AM)
Tracy Vogel said:
These are beautiful, no...Enchanting, yes enchanting is the word! Nice work. :) I don't want to look at anyone else's work today to be inspired I just want to keep running the shots from the slide show through my head and lock those feelings and moments in as to what everyone and anyone would want to walk away from a wedding with (couple or photographer). Thanks for sharing your amazing work and being such an inspiration (I read your blog often and it never disappoint's).
(03.12.09 01:43 PM)
todd pellowe said:
dig it! love the back-lit shots and the excited getting ready shot.
(03.12.09 02:00 PM)
The Last Forty Percent Photography said:
Beautiful! -Brianna
(03.12.09 04:45 PM)
Adrienne Gunde said:
These are phenomenal!! Jean & Austin look absolutely stunning! The reflection shot is wicked, but the one below it is definitely my fave!!
(03.12.09 05:16 PM)
melanie carter said:
Beautiful, FAB, amazing, you make me want to get married al over again
(03.12.09 06:58 PM)
Augusta said:
Every single one of these rocks! I only hope one day I can be as awesome as you. :}
(03.12.09 07:05 PM)
christeena said:
BEAUTIFUL!!!! wow, these are amazing pictures. can't wait to see these on weddingbeePRO! ;)
(03.13.09 12:30 AM)
ben + laura said:
love it love it love it ... I know we told you cats this at WPPI but you have got a signature style and we love it ... nice work of using interesting angles/vantage points and shooting through foreground objects ... great work as per usual!
(03.13.09 06:48 AM)
rachel said:
I just started following your blog and I must say you've become one of my favorites. Your work is so fresh and real.
(03.13.09 11:56 AM)
Katie Yates said:
I cant get over the b&w portrait of the bride....STUNNING!
(03.13.09 03:20 PM)
Brooke Ogilvie said:
You are amazing! I love stopping by at the hope you've posted something new. I love the colors and flowers in these photos. I also love the one where the veil is all wrapped up around them! Favorite!
(03.13.09 04:24 PM)
Ryel j said:
Simple amazing! I think this might be the best wedding of the year! :)
(03.14.09 01:33 PM)
kate said:
ooh I love that first black and white portrait of the bride! so beautiful!
(03.14.09 04:05 PM)
jac said:
lovely, lovely, lovely ;)
(03.14.09 09:42 PM)
Tyler said:
OMG! I love yours and your husbands stuff! Ya'll are SOOO AWESOME! I know this is so dorky of me BUT PLEASE check my stuff and let me know what you think.
(03.14.09 11:07 PM)
Tyler said:
OMG! I LOVE THESE! Their engagement pictures are my favorite pictures of ALL TIME! You and your husband ROCK! I know this is desprately sorky of me but please check my stuff out. lol!
(03.14.09 11:13 PM)
Ro said:
your work is gorgeous. That shot of the reflection inside of reflection is SO kewl, so unusual. LOVE that one.
(03.15.09 05:03 AM)
Jennifer said:
Amazing! What lens did you use for your favorite shot?
(03.15.09 07:13 PM)
Katy Regnier said:
I love love love the excited getting ready shot, that is exactly how every bride should feel on her big day (I know I did!) Perfect!
(03.15.09 09:14 PM)
Kristin Rogers said:
Dang.. you guys are too good.
(03.16.09 04:40 PM)
sean flanigan said:
banging!!! and thanks for the props too.
(03.16.09 05:49 PM)
Trish said:
What a beautiful wedding I love her taste in putting all the elements together! Beautiful images and post processing too, I bookmarked this blog a while back and found an easter egg while distracting myself from work just then....thanks :P!!
(03.17.09 04:37 AM)
jackie wonders said:
oh my freakin' there anything you two can't do??!!? stunning.
(03.17.09 01:05 PM)
stephanie . o said:
those are so yummy!! i love their portraits! what lenses did you guys use?? these are awesome!
(03.20.09 08:37 AM)
Lawrence Savage said:
Austin and Jean, congratulations and great pictures.
(03.26.09 08:32 PM)
marta said:
(03.28.09 09:42 AM)
Jordan said:
Does anyone know what dress the bride is wearing? It is gorgeous!
(10.14.10 04:23 PM)
Alyx said:
wow !! nice work Mr photographer !!! lovely wedding indeed
(01.21.11 11:43 AM)
cole said:
Top-notch as always. Damn those portraits are unreal!
(02.25.11 01:34 PM)
lisa johnson said:
how gorgeous is every single image?? beautiful!
(04.18.11 02:44 PM)
Claire said:
Wow. These pictures are absolutely exquisite.
(05.01.11 11:44 PM)
Denver wedding photographer said:
The bride is gorgeous. The concepts are good as well.
(08.22.11 11:30 PM)