Meet Rossi! This dog was so sweet and seemed so wise, I could just feel it while photographing her with her owner on that after noon at the Coronado Dog Beach, which just happens to be Rossi's favorite place on earth! This was the first time I had ever shot a portrait session that specifically focused on an owner and pet. Let me just say that I really enjoyed every minute of it! I was hired on by Jen's brother (Jen is Rossi's owner), as a gift to her. Never before had I seen such a connection with a pet and it's owner, it was really sweet! I don't have a dog, but when I was finished shooting this portrait session I wanted to go home and get one!
Here's my favorite shot of the day...
I caught this last shot of them as I was walking away, it feels sort of peaceful to me.
Thank you to Jen's brother Rob for hiring me, this really was a great experience and wonderful afternoon! I loved shooting something a little out of the "norm"!

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jeremy parsons said:
...rocked this one Amelia. Looks like a ton of fun. Please do not convince my wife to get a dog. . .
(05.05.08 07:56 AM)
Natalie Norton said:
I have never seen a better shoot of this nature. NICELY DONE!
(05.05.08 11:08 AM)
angie+matt said:
ohhhhhh so cute! Dogs are the Best! I love that shoot!
(05.05.08 11:23 AM)
Ashley said:
These shots are so sweet! He does look like a really nice dog. I got some shots of my friend with her dog, but it was a bit tricky because you can't always tell a dog to pose for you! Nicely done. I love the one of the dog licking her chin!
(05.05.08 12:03 PM)
carrie@urbanbaby said:
wow, these are so freaking incredible. i love these!!
(05.05.08 02:10 PM)
david baxter said:
awesome shots amelia! love the second one best!
(05.05.08 02:15 PM)
Heather Cole said:
Um seriously... wow! Great composition, love the shots. I'm not even a dog owner and now I want one! Hee hee. Love it you guys!
(05.05.08 04:33 PM)
Laurie Lehman said:
These portraits are just wonderful. Actually brought tears to my eyes, which I'm a little suprised about really, but I just loved the connection that you captured! OH, and CONGRATES on your nomation for Photographer of the Year! Awesome.....
(05.06.08 06:58 AM)
jackie said:
oh my gosh, I would cherish these like none other!!! These are priceless. I think if you don't have a pet you wouldn't relate but since I do...I love these!
(05.07.08 09:09 AM)
I am SO diggin' that dog collar!! The last shot rocks...good landscape eye!
(05.08.08 06:00 PM)
Michelle Moore said:
AH-melia, these are AH-mazing! Love them all, I can't even pick out a favorite, although the closeup of the Rossi licking Jen is adorable! :) xoxo
(05.09.08 12:36 AM)
Jen said:
Amelia, I have the biggest smile every time I look at these pictures. You are so gifted at capturing emotion. Thank you so much for giving me such awesome memories of Rossi - she is so special to me. I have also thanked my brother a million times for giving me such an incredible gift of working with you. Hope you liked coming to San Diego, all my friends want to hire you now!
(05.09.08 09:22 AM)
Kelley WC said:
What a great shoot - I love these!
(05.11.08 09:03 AM)
Andrea Tuft said:
Love your stuff! Awesome color! You have amazing creativity~
(05.12.08 09:31 AM)
Martin said:
Just serfed in. Great site, guys!o
(05.22.08 09:37 AM)