I LOVE it when a client asks us to come and photograph a brand new baby, I LOVE it even more when a friend does! There's just something about being around a new little baby, so perfect...makes me want more (don't worry, I'm not announcing anything;) ). Baby Harper was just a few weeks old when we photographed her, btw, how sweet is the name Harper?! She was so adorable and performed very well for her first photoshoot! Presenting Baby Harper:


My favorite shot of the day!

Sighhhhhh, the little tid-bits make me so precious!



Second favorite shot of the day.



Justin shot these of Harpers "sister", I thought they were pretty cool looking.


And last, but not least, some of the many faces of Baby Harper.

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Emily said:
Amelia- these are fabulous! How cute are the many faces of Harper?!
(03.05.09 01:55 PM)
Camille Elise said:
Love this shoot!! Such precious shots, as always I love the post processing. The ones of all three of them together are amazing!!
(03.05.09 02:05 PM)
Jessie said:
I love your work... everything you do is so creative and fantastic! and yes, I agree, Harper is a great name. I have a little Harper in my family.
(03.05.09 02:17 PM)
Liz said:
ADORABLE! and the dog... oh my. what a cutey.
(03.05.09 02:48 PM)
Ashley Rose said:
Amelia these are lovely, and that baby is just scrumptious :) I met your lovely hubby today & cannot wait to meet you ! Hopefully we can do sushi soon!!!!
(03.05.09 02:52 PM)
Heather Espana said:
Adorable! I love that last face in the bottom right ;). The tongue yell is priceless.
(03.05.09 02:58 PM)
amber - smitten said:
wow! these are some of my fav baby session shots! i love your favorite shot and i also really adore the one of him in B&w on the quilt. fantastic work as always!
(03.05.09 03:39 PM)
Brittany Sattel said:
Oh geez guys - these are beautiful! :) I love them!
(03.05.09 04:09 PM)
David Blakeman said:
These are so simplistic and awesome. I also like addition of the Boston Terrier in this equation. Keep rockin' and rollin', Amelia.
(03.05.09 04:12 PM)
jesi haack said:
oh my gosh! i can't stand how cute this shoot is. Can we talk about her adorable little organic diapers????
(03.05.09 05:51 PM)
Tiffany said:
Adorable! & Harper is an awesome name, LOVE IT!
(03.05.09 09:39 PM)
jackie wonders said:
so cute!! makes me want another one too :)
(03.05.09 10:21 PM)
john waire said:
beautiful baby + proud parents = great shots. awesome job.
(03.06.09 04:28 AM)
Stevie said:
these are fantastic!! Congratulations on your beautiful baby! You captured their new life so perfectly Amelia!
(03.06.09 06:26 AM)
The Last Forty Percent Photography said:
Oh this made me laugh out loud - just precious!! -Bri
(03.06.09 08:08 AM)
Debbie S said:
Just WOW!
(03.06.09 08:14 AM)
Jason Row said:
Damn!!! Now that's good!
(03.06.09 09:58 AM)
Calvin said:
Oh, I just love those faces. That is something else.
(03.06.09 12:08 PM)
Terra Dawn said:
Oh wow. That is the most beautiful baby girl. You did a wonderful job!!! (As usual). I would love to have pictures like that of my little one (if I had a little one). Just beautiful all around....
(03.06.09 01:41 PM)
Amber Duron said:
Fabulous shots! I'm in love with the rocking chair one...perfection!
(03.06.09 07:24 PM)
Anna said:
So precious! She seems like such a happy baby. Beautiful images.
(03.06.09 08:03 PM)
Brooke Ogilvie said:
You make this look sooo easy when taking pictures of babies this young are difficult. You are amazing and I could look at your photos all day long.
(03.10.09 07:09 PM)
maryann zdralek said:
Hi, I am one of Harper's Grandma's. These are the best pictures ever. How can I buy copies of them! Great job!!! Maryann
(03.12.09 03:39 PM)
kate said:
aww I just love the family shots! so sweet!
(03.14.09 04:10 PM)
Alisa Jackson said:
My My isn't she beautiful. I mean really really beautiful. And these photo's - Wow! Really good! What a precious gift. Doug and I can't wait to meet her in person. Tell Grandpa Scott to bring her over! Congratulations you guys. Enjoy her. Alisa Jackson
(03.16.09 02:24 PM)