Over Thanksgiving we went to Arizona to visit Justin's family and we had planned on shooting his lovely sister's family during our trip, unfortunately little Olivia came down with the stomach flu and it never happened. That following weekend Justin had to travel to Frisco in Texas to help with the Yo Gabba Gabba! Live show there. It just so happens that Justin's sister's family recently moved there. So Justin was able to do a family session for them after all. A huge thanks to our good friend Kyle Barnes for letting Justin borrow your equipment and for helping him out at the shoot!

Now onto the good stuff! For one, I'm absolutely obsessed with twiggy trees and for two, I'm ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with twiggy trees! You can imagine what fun I had editing these! Plus, Justin did an amazing job! I'm a little biased because the Abbotts are family and I am so glad be apart of them somehow!
abbott002.jpgabbott003.jpgabbott004.jpgThis face makes me laugh so hard...this is SO Olivia!
abbott005.jpgI can't believe how big these girls have gotten! Any of our long time blog followers would remember their family shoot two years back.
abbott006.jpgabbott011.jpgabbott012.jpgabbott013.jpgabbott014.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!


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Natalie Norton said:
Oh mercy. Don't I just NEED a shot like that last one with Rich and I and the boys??! So awesome!
(12.05.09 02:30 PM)
jessie said:
Oh how happy, Happy, HAPPY these photos make me!!
(12.05.09 03:05 PM)
rookie cookie said:
Damn it, I need you to take my family portraits in a few weeks. I will confirm that with you soon. I just have to have you. I just do. Love these pictures.
(12.05.09 03:38 PM)
Amanda said:
Goodness, these girls are stinkin adorable!!! Great photos!
(12.05.09 04:25 PM)
Thresha said:
What cute little girls!! Great job!
(12.05.09 04:42 PM)
Lisa Dunham said:
What a darling family! I LOVE the attitude of this shoot. It's got some MOJO fo sho.
(12.05.09 05:11 PM)
Paul said:
Love the spinning action in that last shot!
(12.06.09 12:02 PM)
Heather Kincaid said:
Those girls are the cutest! Great session! Love everything about it. :)
(12.06.09 12:26 PM)
miranda said:
Those girls are divine...What beautiful complexions they have..And a awesome photographer uncle...
(12.06.09 03:34 PM)
C.T.Daniel said:
i love your family sessions. I like your ideas and especially the effect. god bless you
(12.07.09 12:47 AM)
imthiaz houseman said:
what a beautiful family! i really love the "olivia" making a funny face. great session.
(12.07.09 09:22 AM)
Jennifer O. said:
Those girls are SOOOO adorable!
(12.07.09 09:53 AM)
Dina Dalziel said:
AMAZING!! Those little girls are precious. Great job, Justin!
(12.07.09 04:37 PM)
nancy {So Happi Together} said:
such a beautiful family! I feel like I can hear the giggles coming from those two cutie pies!! Great job, Justin!!!
(12.07.09 08:15 PM)
Olivia said:
Great shots! I love the movement in the last picture...such a beautiful family!
(12.08.09 01:56 PM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
What a cute family,, Justin rocked it. I CAN NOT believe how much the older girl reminds me of Hudson. They have the same eyes,, she could be his sister!!!!
(12.09.09 11:44 PM)
lina said:
so adoreable..... how swwet.... lovely pictures....
(12.10.09 02:31 AM)
Jill Brown said:
I just love this session! Well done!
(12.10.09 11:34 PM)