Stephanie + Thomas were actually married last year and hired me to do a bride and groom/portrait session last month. These two were such a delight to work with! Stephanie contacted me a while back and I am so glad we finally were able to settled on a date to capture her and Thomas together.

We started at the LDS Newport Beach Temple.



I'm totally digging these two photos together as a diptych!



Then we found some nooks and crannies to work with in Newport Beach off of PCH.






My favorite shot of the day!



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Ashley said:
Oh my gosh, I LOVE this idea! What an awesome excuse to don wedding attire again! Your captured them flawlessly as always.
(10.07.08 09:45 PM)
ohana photographers said:
yummy lion goodness! that last shot is bad to the ace!
(10.07.08 10:07 PM)
Hanssie said:
That last b&w is intense...amazing!
(10.07.08 10:08 PM)
Bobby Earle said:
I think you might be my new favorite photographer for engagement shoots :) Bobby
(10.07.08 10:49 PM)
kirsten said:
Love your work, always. Just sending some artistic appreciation from Philadelphia. What I think is so fantastic about your work is that you choose 1 particular recipe and apply it to each photo so they all compliment each other. So wonderful!
(10.07.08 11:13 PM)
Jenn Link Photography said:
ooohhhhhhh Amelia... can you ask Stephanie about her wedding dress, it is very close to what I am looking for for my own wedding next year!!!!
(10.08.08 06:10 AM)
Mese Ugapo said:
Amelia - This is Mese and I just want to tell you that I thoroughly enjoy viewing your blog. Do you have any idea? I mean do you have any idea just how talented you are? You have a true gift and are an extremely talented artist. Your work should be plastered everywhere. It is so FUN (for lack of a better word) watching people do something that they have clearly mastered. Keep doing your thing and never stop loving it. I wish I had a percentage of your drive. Take care and say hi to Hud, Hud, and Sloan from Anna and I. Stay up.
(10.08.08 10:06 AM)
Jasmine Marie said:
Another fab job! I love the window and door shots. Great texture!
(10.08.08 11:07 AM)
Ryel j said:
These are so gorgeous!! I love the dramatic lighting!!! Yum
(10.08.08 11:14 AM)
Stephanie & Thomas said:
Amelia- Thank you so much for doing our portraits. They are beautiful... as always. Can't wait to see the rest! After looking on your blog at all the amazing photos it's crazy to see ourselves here. Jenn- As for your question. The dress is a Monique Lhuillier design.
(10.08.08 06:45 PM)
Alicia said:
The one with them plus the shadows of the trees is so yummy! Love your blog!
(10.09.08 11:14 AM)
Allison said:
You did a fabulous job of capturing their true happiness!
(10.09.08 12:46 PM)
shelby said:
wow! such gorgeous photos! I love all of the details you found in the cool! I love your work!
(10.09.08 01:22 PM)
Molly said:
Hi Amelia and Justin! I've been jealous and lurking forever and thought I should stop being a lame-o and just say hi! To say I love your work would be an absolute understatement! I gather so much inspiration from your work. Just wanted you to know. P.s. if you ever want a nerd following you around at a shoot I'd love to get in on that. P.s.s. while I'm on the shameless suck up train I think your kids are pretty much the cutest. Although Grace and jasper are up there! :) Anyway, keep rocking it out! love and stuff. Molly
(10.09.08 08:15 PM)
aaron hale said:
love love love the last shot.
(10.10.08 06:00 AM)
ROG said:
Gamelio ye hustine. correct me if I'm wrong on this but, did thomas totally light up when stephanie would like, kiss and touch him? It seems that way to me. Don't worry thomas...I feel like i married way out of my league too. I'm a t-baller and Lyndzee is a hall-o-famer. Welcome to the club my friend. Stephanie, be good to him...he's a good guy. (I can just tell)
(10.10.08 04:58 PM)
heather saunders said:
yummy yummy in my tummy! those are scrumdillyiscious! just beautiful, adorable couple too! congratulations!
(10.13.08 04:44 PM)
Tyra said:
I LOVE your blog and your work!!!! I wondered if you'd mind sharing a secret with me? How do you get the sunny haze/grainy effect that you have on these photos? I would love your advice? Thanks in advice!
(10.15.08 09:34 PM)
Lisa said:
I love these pictures!! I'm newly engaged and it makes me want to have my wedding NOW!
(10.16.08 07:43 AM)