The Schloss family has been a super awesome family since day one! Our relationship with them started about five years back when I (Amelia) was hired to nanny for Baden (the beautiful little girl you see in the first shot below). During that same time I began to be interested in photography, so Baden got to be my practice-on subject for all of my school projects. Also, almost every year since then the Schloss family has hired me to shoot their family portraits at the end of each summer. It has been such a pleasure coming back around year after year watching their family and children grow, especially Baden, since she was my side-kick for an entire year!

The session was shot at their brand new house in Manhattan Beach. I really enjoyed this because it was an environment that everyone was comfortable in and it felt more relaxed that other family portrait sessions I had done in the past.




No doubt, these kids have the best blue eyes I have ever seen!




My favorite shot of the day!






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jackie wonders said:
i love them!
(11.13.08 03:00 PM)
John Edgar said:
You are the best photographers in the world, and I love you. Seriously, these are AMAZING, you've captured the family so well... the Schloss are very very lucky. Amazing work. j.
(11.13.08 03:28 PM)
Mandy said:
Gorgeous. I love your favorite shot too! These kids are so expressive and you definitely brought that out in them.
(11.13.08 03:54 PM)
Alisha said:
AMAZING. This might just be one of my fav. sessions of yours.
(11.13.08 05:47 PM)
angie + matt said:
I remember the last session you did! Baden has grown so much! They are adorable:)! I love the first one and the last one!!!
(11.13.08 06:36 PM)
Paige Green said:
oh my goodness! that little girl looks JUST like xanthie and xoe!!!!! I'm floored. (I'm also assuming they're related)
(11.13.08 07:28 PM)
Maya said:
I love how comfortable they look! These are all so natural and just beautiful!
(11.13.08 08:31 PM)
john waire said:
i really love this session. what a great looking family.
(11.14.08 05:23 AM)
Melissa said:
Wow what gorgeous kids! Love the second shot!
(11.14.08 07:52 AM)
Aaron Hale said:
What a sweet shoot! Love the first shot!
(11.14.08 09:37 AM)
Melissa said:
What a gorgeous family! Fabulous images!
(11.14.08 12:43 PM)
Cathy and David said:
Those kids are too cute!!!!!! I love this session!
(11.15.08 04:43 AM)
Roger Ramirez said:
I love these photos. I saw them last week and I keep coming back to them to look at them again. They're very light and joyful. I love your blog, keep up the great work.
(11.17.08 11:08 AM)
Ashley Rose said:
Absolutely beautiful kids! The 1st shot is so gorgeous :)
(11.17.08 03:35 PM)
sarah said:
love these. this family looks so sweet! amazing work!
(11.18.08 09:57 AM)
Claudia said:
Finally made it onto your blog!! We were sorry to lose such a great nanny, but happy to have you in our lives as our official family photo biographer! You are truly gifted and happy that Baden was there at the begining. We have some great shots from your early "experimental" years. Thanks again and see you soon!
(12.29.08 09:42 AM)
Ashraf said:
wow!! Gorgeous photography! thansk
(02.24.13 02:25 AM)