So do you remember Rachelle + Patrick?! They were lovely couple #2 in the wedding photography giveaway contest we ran last winter. Each couple that did not win still received a complimentary portrait session from us and their wedding photography still shot for free by other amazing photographer volunteers. It really was great to see the response the giveaway brought, so much love from family, friends, and viewers! So with out further ado, here is Rachelle + Patrick...engaged!
rpblog_001.jpgrpblog_002.jpgrpblog_003.jpgrpblog_004.jpgrpblog_005.jpgBoth Rachelle + Patrick are performers...I thought is was so fun that they thought to bring a microphone & electric guitar as props!
rpblog_006.jpgrpblog_007.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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Tracy said:
Wonderful. They make a cute couple.
(09.02.10 03:51 PM)
Mel said:
your favorite shot is *my* favorite shot too! Beautiful work and fun couple!! Can't wait for the day that I get to be in front of your camera...M
(09.02.10 04:09 PM)
lilia said:
What a gorgeous, stylin' couple! It is so awesome to see the amazing, glamorous images you have created, and so nice to see a woman with glorious, real curves portrayed in such a loving manner. You are artists! :-)
(09.02.10 04:21 PM)
Candice Benjamin said:
Super cute couple! Love that hidden location in Fullerton. I live like 1 mile away. :)
(09.02.10 04:23 PM)
Danica said:
What a rockin set of photos!! Seriously, these have spunk. Props to Rachelle and Patrick for your engagement and Amelia and Justin for shooting it for free!
(09.02.10 07:34 PM)
Jesse Tenorio said:
Love the props! Great shots and smiles.
(09.03.10 11:50 AM)
Troy Grover said:
great shots! Her ring is rad :)
(09.04.10 08:57 AM)
mary wyar said:
dying over that b&w close up. amazing... and the best light!
(09.05.10 11:36 AM)
Robbie said:
So many awesome images but #10 is truly wow! Love it! You really captured what appears to be their personality in these.
(09.05.10 02:53 PM)
Katie said:
REALLY!?! Seriously!?! So freaking RAD! Impossible to pick a favorite!!!
(09.06.10 08:29 PM)
Stephanie P. said:
So sassy!!! I love the shot of her ring where she is holding the mic. great composition. great eye candy!
(09.06.10 11:29 PM)
Julie said:
Love your work! So beautiful. Love the light and connections
(09.07.10 07:18 PM)
Rachelle said:
Amelia you rock!! we can't thank you enough for such a awesome blessing!!
(09.12.10 10:34 PM)
Bruce Larsen said:
Wow! Unbelievable! Very nice. I am very impressed with how beautiful these photos came out. I will start referring my clients to Amelia. Oh...and nice diamond engagement ring too ;) You guys rock! No pun intended.
(09.17.10 02:29 PM)
Miah Klein said:
Punk's not dead. These guys are hip!
(09.22.10 09:52 AM)