Ever since the crazy fires that broke out a few months ago near our home we have been eyeing the burned areas and thought they might make for a sweet backdrop for a photo shoot. Also, my fabulous sister Nicole DeAnne has been nudging me to schedule a fun little session with her and her husband, so we thought we would put those burned areas to use before the green started to grow back.

Many of our followers may recognize Nicole DeAnne because we feature her quite frequently on the blog. She has worked with about 75% of our brides making them look uber fabulous with her hair and make-up magic-ness! Let me just say how fun it is to have my sweet sister (and best friend) working with me in the wedding industry, we both have such a passion for weddings and enjoy every moment of making sure that everyone of our clients look the best that they can!

We wanted this shoot with Nicole DeAnne and Jeffrey to have a high fashion feel so we included a wide array of colors to contrast with the black burned background, we thought it turned out great!

The first image and its my favorite!!!












This one is Nicole's favorite shot of the day!!! I think Jeffrey looks HOT!





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amelialyon said:
(02.15.09 06:53 PM)
haley lamb said:
wow! incredible shots and beautiful sister!
(02.15.09 07:08 PM)
Millie said:
Amazing. I love them all. My favorite is with the radial blur on their faces. Very Artistic. Plus her hair rocks!
(02.15.09 07:58 PM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
WOOOHOOO!!!!!! Oh my goodness. Nicole looks like a porcilain doll and Jeff looks so handsome. Such fun shots and I of course just love the way they turned out. Such a bangin HOT couple!!!!
(02.15.09 08:00 PM)
morgan roof said:
Amelia, these are soo beautiful! What a wonderful location, you are brilliant!
(02.15.09 08:10 PM)
Rog said:
What is this? What is going on here? Who are these people? I want some answers! I'll tell you one thing...Jeff and Nicole are the best things that area has seen in a long time. My fav is the one at the top, the next one down and then the next one again and then the one following that and then the one just below that one and then then next 3 or 4 under that one and all the rest down to the very last no particular order. Kindred, you are a sexy MO-FO! Nicole, your skin is effing flawless! Amelia and Justin...I like you guys.
(02.15.09 08:25 PM)
Kate said:
that shot of them under the tree is wicked. they have amazing style--i especially love her hair & lipstick!!
(02.15.09 08:27 PM)
Abra said:
Kick butt. Great images. Good use of your time being stuck in traffic. ;) Thank you for the late night eye candy (it's 12:02 am over here).
(02.15.09 09:02 PM)
jacob said:
these are great. if you dont mind me asking, what was the recipe for these shots?
(02.15.09 09:05 PM)
gretchen k. said:
I love everything about this session! what a rad location and amazing images!!! blown away!
(02.15.09 09:38 PM)
Candice Lanning said:
I would have to agree that Nicole ROCKS doing hair and makeup...I was SO SO SO pleased when she did mine back in October...and the compliments about her work has NOT stopped coming! :)
(02.16.09 04:50 AM)
john waire said:
diggin the portrait shot w/the big tree (file _012). schweet session. hope you guys are enjoying WPPI.
(02.16.09 05:24 AM)
Kathleen said:
I love it!! The burnt branches are AMAZING!! And the way the light is reflecting off them is so intense! I love how about half way through the shoot Nicole got soot on her jeans and looks all dirtied up! Such a brilliant shoot! Great work, yet again!
(02.16.09 06:34 AM)
Terra Dawn said:
Amelia, your work is definitely something to look up to!! I always get excited when I see a post from you in my RSS feed, and you certainly didn't dissapoint this time. Beautiful, beautiful work!!! Your sister is so lovely too!!
(02.16.09 07:34 AM)
Neale James said:
BEST couple shoot I have seen for a long long long time! Loved it guys. From a massive fan in England. x
(02.16.09 07:41 AM)
Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography) said:
Love these! Love their style!
(02.16.09 09:36 AM)
Kara said:
Love, love, LOVE the vertical shot with the tree. Gorgeous!
(02.16.09 09:52 AM)
sandie said:
wowsers! these are too hot! i love your sister!!!! you are such a cool lady mrs. lyon!
(02.16.09 04:08 PM)
Julie Mixon said:
These colors are great. I love the combinations of the warm reds and the cool stuff, enjoying it!
(02.16.09 05:04 PM)
jesi haack said:
oh man, you were right, these trees made an amazing background! and nicole looks super hot! I LOVE the magenta lipstick...i just met her last week and she is the sweetest! these pics are amazing.
(02.16.09 08:35 PM)
Whitney said:
La la la love it. Brilliant. Bitchin. Rad. And I forgot about Nicole and Jeff. I like them. Jeff is cool and Nicole is funny. They would make a great lookin baby.
(02.16.09 09:24 PM)
Emily said:
SPANKIN' HOT!! That's all there is to say...
(02.16.09 11:07 PM)
nancy said:
WOW! These shots are so amazing and the location is off the hook! Nicole!!! You look so FIERCE!! i love the whole look and can't choose a favorite! :) i am so jealous of you that you can pull off any hair color and have a sister as rad and talented as Amelia!!! xoxo!
(02.17.09 03:02 AM)
okay i officially ADORE nicole deeann!!! she is SO AMAZING at what she does and i am going to refer her to everyone i know!! :)
(02.17.09 10:25 AM)
Anna-Rina said:
Every single time I check out your blog, I'm inspired by your pictures and how you view things differently. Love, love this latest set of pictures as well and yes, the location is awesome too! Thanks for sharing :)
(02.17.09 10:41 AM)
Sundee said:
My goodness! I just vomited a little in my mouth...these pictures are so disgustingly beautiful! And nicole looks like an F---ing model! You guys make me sick. :)
(02.17.09 11:23 AM)
Teresa said:
I have been eyeing your photography for awhile now and I'm love with it. I'm nowhere near marriage at this point, but when I am, you'll be the only photog I'll call.
(02.17.09 11:25 AM)
Brian said:
All these are amazing! I love the colors and tones that you guys brought out. Beautiful.
(02.17.09 01:36 PM)
Navy Sou said:
What a FABULOUS location!!!!!
(02.17.09 07:10 PM)
Tonya Peterson said:
These are so amazing Amelia! I am so envious that you get to work with your sister! I bet they were filthy by the time you were finished shooting in all that black! I love it
(02.18.09 07:34 AM)
geri said:
your images are AMAZAZAZAZING! i adore your style/coloring. wow.
(02.18.09 09:07 AM)
Ashley said:
What can I say, you all are amazing! I think that being artistic and fashion conscious just runs in your family! Fabulous work as're making ME want more photos too!
(02.18.09 11:44 AM)
Michelle Moore said:
What a CUTE couple and FUN location! I love the 5th & 6th images, those are my definite FAVS! :)
(02.18.09 01:11 PM)
bobbi said:
ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS AMAZINGNESS?! The colors, the lighting, the compositions.... PERFECTION!
(02.18.09 03:25 PM)
evelyn eslava said:
OMG. yes, these are amazing! your so good with engagements. awesome location. great style. love them!
(02.18.09 09:29 PM)
Jen Slot said:
amazingly awesome.
(02.18.09 09:35 PM)
Debbie S said:
These are AWESOME!
(02.19.09 05:19 AM)
Heather Cole said:
These are OFF THE CHAIN! The colors are AMAZING!! So good to finally meet you in person this week. You are as beautiful in person as you are on your blog. :) Hugs.
(02.19.09 08:31 PM)
Gedas said:
wooooow! amazing! what type of lenses do you use for this session ? Gedas
(02.20.09 12:44 AM)
katie hatch said:
Amelia! I love these! Would love to hear from you--I ask Scott how you're doing every once in awhile. This photoshoot turned out great! You're so talented :)
(02.20.09 08:07 AM)
Daniel said:
Love the color scheme and the personality in the last shot makes me smile on the inside
(02.20.09 12:07 PM)
~abi~ said:
these are incredible!!!
(02.20.09 01:35 PM)
Michele B said:
Wowzer! You guys outdid yourselves! You sis and her hubby looks fabulous. Also love the location you used. Very original!
(02.20.09 01:55 PM)
J@KE said:
I don't know how else to say this but.... You inspire me! Thank you for being so good at what you do.... :-)
(02.21.09 01:14 AM)
Michelle Moore said:
Wow, I guess I was so excited about these images I forgot to read that this is your SISTER!!! SOOOOOOOO awesome!!! I'm totally in love :) You are the best, and it was SO fun meeting you in Vegas!!!! I can't wait to see you guys again SOON!! ;)
(02.21.09 11:33 AM)
leah said:
wow i love them!! there where fires in our area and the shots we got from there where awesome!
(02.21.09 06:34 PM)
Augusta said:
I love those hills! What a great location!
(02.21.09 07:05 PM)
Mese Ugapo said:
SON OF A B***H. Mad, insane, stupid dope skills is what we have on display here. My goodness woman. Have you guys sold your souls to the devil in exchange for these incredible abilities? Nicole and Jeff look amazing, seriously. You're wonderful. We love you.
(02.22.09 12:16 AM)
cristen + w. scott chester said:
it was great seeing you + justin in vegas at wppi! if we both ever decide to leave the photo world, we can go into the homeopathic biz together and maybe teach yoga classes and juice the crazy out of everything! ha! okay, now onto these amazing images...i am convinced that EVERYONE in your family was born with the gorgeous gene!!! your sister + her husband look HOT! oh, and she happens to have the best middle name ever...deanne is my middle name, too.
(02.23.09 01:28 AM)
sarah rhoads said:
sooo awesome. Your sis is just as beautiful, stylish, funky and fun as you are!! it is too much goodness for one family! beautiful beautiful Amelia! They are fantastic
(02.23.09 01:16 PM)
jackieblair said:
freakin amazing.
(02.24.09 10:36 AM)
heather saunders said:
holy hats!!!! this is surreally breathtaking! you amaze me everytime, genius!
(02.25.09 08:35 PM)
Beth Morgan said:
These are sooooo delicious. I'm in LOVE with them. The color, the lighting, the emotion. DEEEEELIIIISH!
(02.26.09 08:54 PM)
Brittany said:
i love these images!! the subdued over cast color looks so great with the bright colored wardrobe! I love her hair & color!!! so cute!
(03.03.09 12:45 PM)
why is nicole one of the cutest things i know?! seriously!! and those trees are ridiculously killer...what a fab shoot!
(03.04.09 01:13 AM)
vanessa H said:
what a great shoot!! I really like your style!! I am so adding you to my blog list!! Beautiful!! CONGRATS!!! Vanessa
(03.04.09 02:46 PM)