A few weeks ago I went to have a play date with my cousin and her two sons. We also wanted to meet the newest addition to their family, baby Van! He was only two weeks old. You may remember this family from their portrait session last year, Whitney was newly pregnant with Van then.

I love photographing newborns, every little detail about their little bodies is so amazing to me, I can hardly fathom such a tiny and perfect creation!



Jack and Hudson are the same age...they are bcf (best cousins forever!).


My favorite shot of the day!





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angel swanson said:
adooooore these. newborn babies are truly miracles; the sight of such perfect, tiny little ones always inspires me with awe!
(07.17.08 05:41 PM)
Hanssie said:
Soooo sweet...I love the one of him covering his eyes.
(07.17.08 07:25 PM)
Kristy (Adams) Hartley said:
These seriously might be the sweetest pic's I've ever seen!
(07.17.08 07:50 PM)
Whitney said:
Once again, perfect. You are the greatest. I love my little baby and I love you for photographing him so well.
(07.18.08 07:00 AM)
chelo said:
He's beautiful! congratulations to them.
(07.18.08 11:29 AM)
jodi jean said:
wow ... GREAT pictures of van. he's so stinkin' cute and you captured it beautifully!!
(07.18.08 08:24 PM)
Kristin said:
Oh man... I have never seen your blog before and I am in love. You are for sure going on my top blogs to check. YAY.. I love the wide angle pics, I need to get me a lens that will do this well. Great job guys, cant wait to see more!
(07.19.08 11:55 PM)
Tracy Green said:
Amy--I've been looking through your pics tonight and I LOVE them. It's like you get better and better all of the time. I appreciate so much how you can take ordinary people and make them look like beautiful super models. You know how to bring out the best in them. It's truly amazing! Hope all is well! love Tracy
(07.22.08 10:25 PM)