Over the past year Justin and I have had a blast traveling to various states to teach LYON-SHOP classes! Although we don't have any other dates planned yet, I wanted to do a couple of blogposts recapping some of our favorite portraits that took place during our live shoots.

This recap is from our Dallas LYON-SHOP that took place back in January at the Nylo Hotel, it was such a fun venue to shoot at, SO much to work with! Erin + Brad were the GREAT models, loved the chemistry between these two!

Also, before I go on, I just wanted to give a quick shout out to all of our fantastic SPONSORS that help make the LYON-SHOP classes happen! LOVE all of you! Mwahh!:)

be_lyonshopd_001.jpgbe_lyonshopd_002.jpgbe_lyonshopd_003.jpgbe_lyonshopd_004.jpgbe_lyonshopd_005.jpgbe_lyonshopd_006.jpgbe_lyonshopd_007.jpgbe_lyonshopd_008.jpgbe_lyonshopd_009.jpgHands favorite shot of the day!

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canvas prints said:
i liked your photos. they are very stylish and very cool to.
(03.27.13 07:33 AM)
Ryan said:
#2 is so simple, yet so lovely.
(03.30.13 05:31 AM)
Charleston Wedding Photographers said:
Nice photographs. Very artistic! Great work.
(03.31.13 12:49 PM)
Online Collage Maker said:
Beautiful couple and awesome photography.
(04.02.13 02:23 AM)
Clipping Path said:
Great & lovely Photography.
(04.03.13 11:38 AM)
Sydney Wedding Photographer said:
Love this set and the use of flash!
(04.06.13 04:45 AM)
AKP Photography said:
Beautiful session!
(04.09.13 08:43 AM)
mcaullum said:
BEst wishes to the lovely couples some of the best lens work you have shared with us
(06.12.13 09:56 AM)