My fun new photog friend, Denise Bovee, asked me to shoot some portraits for her profile page on her website, I happily agreed and felt flattered to be hired by an upcoming awesome photographer! If you haven't seen Denise's work yet, check her out, she's new, but super creative and inspiring in her use of color, composition, and natural light!



My favorite shot of the day, I've been wanting to shoot next to an oil rig for a long time!













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Excellent Job Mrs. Lyon!!!
(08.06.08 02:08 PM)
Nicole Neff said:
Wow, awesome images! She's so beautiful and has great guys really did a great job on these! And I checked out her site, and she is doing some really great work already.
(08.06.08 02:58 PM)
natalie Williams said:
hotness!! what great pics. how lucky were david and i too have such talent shoot our wedding!!
(08.06.08 03:14 PM)
Angie Baxter said:
As always, absolutely fantastic. You are very talented :)
(08.06.08 03:22 PM)
Traci said:
These are gorgeous! LOVE that she was rockin' the bubble tea! :D
(08.06.08 04:01 PM)
Austin said:
These pics rock Amelia! We've been admiring Denise's work for a little while and think these pics capture her style perfectly! We used to visit that bubble tea place all the time and didn't even realize how many great places to shoot there are around there.
(08.06.08 04:55 PM)
Caroline Ghetes said:
Wow! If I were her I would have an EXTREMELY hard time picking just one for my profile page. They are ALL awesome! And she is very beautiful too! Wonderful pictures! Just gorgeous!
(08.06.08 04:56 PM)
Jason McGrew said:
Ummm.. you are always amazing me! I have a serious jealously issue, I want your skills! There madtastic!
(08.06.08 05:14 PM)
sandra said:
these are so cute! i love the polaroid one! how fun this must have been! I'm jealous!
(08.06.08 05:55 PM)
Elizabeth (Libby) O'Neill said:
I love the variety of images you captured. You feel like you know her by the time you look through all the images. Nice job!
(08.06.08 08:02 PM)
Brandi said:
These are gorgeous. I love the feeling in them!
(08.06.08 08:32 PM)
denise bovee said:
what?! I am soo excited about these.. just what I wanted :))) I love you!! :)....sigh...seriously!
(08.06.08 09:14 PM)
Roger W Ellsworth said:
Have you ever gotten a bad review? Seriously, like I doubt it. You want one? Okay...I'll do my best:... Roger says in his review of the Lyons taking photos of an up and comer..."Well, for my taste it was a little TOO perfectly fun and photojournalistic. It was way TOO fresh and Denise is a little TOO fashionable and good looking. I thought if the Lyons stunk just a little bit at all, this shoot would've actually made the archives as a descent shoot, with a bad after taste". There you have it, officially your first bad review. You're welcome.
(08.06.08 10:23 PM)
Roger W Ellsworth said:
P.S. Denise is radical, so check her stuff out...and her cousin looks like Jack Black's sidekick on Nacho Libre.
(08.06.08 10:25 PM)
Melissa said:
I love the polaroid shot, she's a cutie!
(08.07.08 05:30 AM)
Rachel Brooke said:
Yes, from looking at your website you guys definitely DESERVE Blu's photographers of the year! Congrats!
(08.07.08 07:13 AM)
Michelle Moore said:
These are awesome! I love them! :)
(08.07.08 09:05 AM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
OhMyGosh!!!! Seriously. Iím in love with the Polaroid shot and I too have always wanted to shoot by an oil rig, so cool. I am also a very new pt photog and have really wanted to have some fun pictures taken for my site. I totally agree that people should be able to put a face with the name, but I cant find any one to take them for me! ;) ..... Maybe you can get back to me and we can arrange something?! I would LOVE to get a few shots that are like a fraction of this hotness! BTW you guys have done an awesome job yourselves of giving a great image of who you really are with your work and you awesome pics of yourselves!
(08.07.08 10:14 AM)
Rochelle Ax said:
:) THATS MY GIRL!! You did such an amazing job of capturing "the cuteness" that is Denise! :) and u got that dimple going in a few of these hehe... She's such a sweetheart, and pretty funny so these are GREAT!! AND your style is awesome! Congrats on winning BLU! I'm sure Denise is not soo far behind, you're right-- she's an upcoming AWESOME photographer! GREAT JOB again.
(08.07.08 10:20 AM)
Paul Lee said:
Really inspiring work...from the both of you!
(08.07.08 06:07 PM)
Kristin said:
I cant love this shoot anymore then I do! It is amazing. WOW. P.S. I recognized you guys at the Market tonight...we have never met so I was too shy to approach you guys. Me, my hubby and daughter go there all the time :)
(08.07.08 09:11 PM)
ricki ford said:
I love these shot! And I am really loving the pp on these....
(08.08.08 06:12 AM)
Ryel j said:
These are full of greatness!! Awesome photogs unite!!
(08.08.08 11:37 AM)
Jennifer said:
W H O A ........ gorgeous!
(08.09.08 09:18 PM)
Kirby said:
Lollicup! Well, after seeing her site, I'm not surprised she has good taste. ;) Awesome pics man; good friend you are.
(08.10.08 07:52 AM)
Maya said:
I love the one of her with the Polaroids! It totally rocks! She looks like sooo much fun!
(08.10.08 08:28 PM)
Faith said:
These are all amazing!! I especially love the one with all the the polaroids and the one where she's looking out of the window a coffee shop. I also LOVE the one right above the polaroids shot - you can see her cute ring and her pretty brown eyes - that's the one I'd probably use if it were me! These are all SO awesome!
(08.19.08 10:13 AM)
LOVE, LOVE the one with the polaroids thrown about. I hope she uses that one because it says soooooooo much and is so unique!
(08.25.08 02:13 PM)
leah said:
you did an incredible job! denise is soo pretty here.
(09.11.08 06:50 PM)
Miriam said:
Hi Amelia! You are toooo good! Amelia will be photographing me and my fiance for our upcoming wedding and we are soooooooooooo excited! Not only is she so personable and fun she is super talented! We feel blessed to have met her! :) Also, your ever-too-kind sister will be doing the hair and makeup for our wedding party! She is sooooo good! I guess talent runs in the blood of your family! :) Anyway, I was wondering where these photos were shot! And if you have any suggestions on where to take pictures. Thanks so much!!
(03.10.09 04:53 PM)