Demese + Robert were uber-fabulous to work with. We shot their portrait session in San Francisco a few weeks ago at the Palace of Fine Arts. We fell in-love with this location the last time we were in San Francisco and had to take advantage of it one more time. The best part of this sitting (alongside Demese + Robert of course!) was all of the natural light that created awesome sun-glare and sweet shadows for us to play around with.

One other thing that I'd like to do with this post is feature all of the lenses we used for each shot. We've been receiving a large amount of emails from some of our fellow photographer followers inquiring about what our favorite "go-to" lenses are. Also, just to quickly clarify, we shoot with all Canon gear and I'm just going to mention the lens, not the settings we had while shooting (we'll save that for another post).

*TS 45mm 2.8
dem001.jpg*TS 45mm 2.8
dem002.jpg*16-35mm 2.8
dem003.jpg*TS 45mm 2.8
dem004.jpg*TS 45mm 2.8
dem005.jpg*TS 45mm 2.8
dem006.jpg*16-35mm 2.8
dem007.jpgThese next two images put together make up my favorite shot of the day! Both shot with *35mm 1.4
dem008.jpg*35mm 1.4 on the left and *50mm 1.4 on the right
dem009.jpg*35mm 1.4
dem010.jpg*16-35mm 2.8

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megan welker said:
what a sassy couple! love the fun you guys had with the shadows. simply amazing :)
(10.08.09 01:56 PM)
anda said:
you are so good!! i'll never get over it. the shadows/light/placement is divine.
(10.08.09 02:09 PM)
imthiaz houseman said:
sweet set, love it!
(10.08.09 02:09 PM)
Keana Clay said:
You are SUPER awesome! I adore these shots.
(10.08.09 02:11 PM)
KirstinRose said:
Beatuiful pictures! You are so good at that! 8D
(10.08.09 02:48 PM)
Meg said:
What great shots! I especially love the shot of Robert in the light in the foreground and Demese in the background also in the light. Clever! p.s. I love her outfit!
(10.08.09 02:50 PM)
Alexandra said:
(10.08.09 03:02 PM)
Rebecca said:
Gorgeous shots! I was wondering hat other lenses do you have in your kit bag?
(10.08.09 03:18 PM)
JasonRoger said:
Pretty freakin radical.... you are the bomb.COM!!!
(10.08.09 04:06 PM)
connieMchung said:
(10.08.09 04:07 PM)
will parris said:
love the fave of the day and the flare right above it, uber hot couple! way to bring the dopeness! :D
(10.08.09 04:23 PM)
Amanda Rae said:
I also love your favorite shot of the day! That's such a cool little spot of light!
(10.08.09 04:39 PM)
Jane Hasty said:
(10.08.09 05:32 PM)
preston said:
beautiful shots as usual. lovely couple. i believe this is actually the Palace of Fine Art. but meh, who cares...the photos rock!
(10.08.09 05:33 PM)
Beka L. said:
Really amazing! Love all the emotion and the use of light! :)
(10.08.09 06:08 PM)
Diane said:
thanks for sharing your lenses!
(10.08.09 06:19 PM)
mandii said:
your work is the first on my blog list to check everyday- i do a little happy dance in my chair everytime you've got a new post!!! your work shows so much creativity and camera virtuoso magic! you obviously make people feel so comfortable in front of your lens, which says a bunch about you (both?) i have been longing to check out the 45 tse lens, i have a 16- 35 but notice you also use the prime 35. what is the difference? thank you for shooting and for sharing! love! ii
(10.08.09 07:10 PM)
Rochelle (aussie) said:
Great work as always... You are so creative and make it look easy to make great images in choppy lighting conditions! Thanks for the info too.
(10.08.09 10:25 PM)
yana said:
Beautiful images my favorite is the second one :)
(10.08.09 10:28 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
Love these photos! Thanks for sharing some behind the scenes details!
(10.09.09 12:25 AM)
Sarah @ said:
I love that last one! It has such a classic feel to it. And also, I LOVE her dress. Beautiful.
(10.09.09 07:25 AM)
Marissa Rodriguez said:
I know I've said this before, but, I LOVE your work!
(10.09.09 08:04 AM)
ChristanP said:
Awesome session! Thanks for putting up the lenses.....although I haven't emailed I've often wondered :)
(10.09.09 09:37 AM)
rosaura said:
love this session - your use of light, the angles, the composition, the shadows... wow! i also love that you posted which lenses you used. thank you for your awesomeness and for sharing!
(10.09.09 10:46 AM)
Kelly said:
This is one HOT couple!
(10.09.09 01:24 PM)
Danielle Locken said:
Beautiful. Thanks for dishing on the lenses you used for this shoot. Very awesome of you!
(10.12.09 11:02 PM)
Laura said:
Thank you so much for posting these! I often wondered about the 45 TS, and now I'm sure I love it :-)
(03.28.12 09:57 AM)