It's my favorite time of year when I get to go through everything that was shot over the past year and gather all of my favorite photos to be featured in mine and Justin's "best of" portfolios! This is an overwhelming task and one that gets me all choked up with emotion by the AMAZING clientele Justin and I have had sweet pleasure of working with...SERIOUSLY, mine & Justin's hearts are full of gratitude towards these people for allowing us to continue our art and ABSOLUTELY LOVE what we do!!!

Over the next few weeks I'll be featuring the best of engagements, the best of weddings, and the best of ring shots!

First up is the BEST OF 2011 PORTRAITS! Since I was pregnant for most of 2011 I wasn't able to blog many of these portrait sessions due to energy and time constraints, so I'm super duper excited to at least show of my favorites from each one. Thank you to my portrait clients, I love all of you!:) Enjoy!
Stay posted for the best of engagements, weddings, and rings!

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Jason Roger said:
Love it!!! So happy you posted these, they are amaze-balls!! Fist bump....Blow it Up!!
(01.12.12 06:18 PM)
Dannie said:
So honored to be in here! Thank you for the beautiful portraits!!!
(01.12.12 06:34 PM)
Deborah Ouzts said:
it's all so lovely!
(01.12.12 06:39 PM)
Rog said:
Oh, ok...noooooooow I see why everybody likes you guys ;) Haha I'm familiar with most of the faces that gracedes this postals. Love it. Bye.
(01.12.12 06:42 PM)
Jalyn and Matt Barnard said:
You are amazing lady! We feel special and think you are AWESOME :)
(01.12.12 08:55 PM)
Amber said:
I spy a Henry guy! Thank you for capturing our lil miracle!
(01.12.12 09:31 PM)
angel swanson said:
awww i LOVE my set of headband pics. :) :) :) you are amazing amelia, and i love you!! xoxo
(01.12.12 10:11 PM)
Vinko Jovanovac said:
Some rly nice one
(01.13.12 02:19 AM)
Rachel Tatem said:
What a great collection!
(01.13.12 07:03 AM)
heather said:
WOW! i love it. i can't believe my baby was ever that small. another great year amelia!! as always.
(01.13.12 04:54 PM)
Becky McArthur said:
Oh my, Amelia!! This is torture!! I want to see the rest of all these un-blogged sessions! Beautiful as always. :)
(01.13.12 05:02 PM)
Stephanie said:
Yesssssssasssssssssss! We made it on your best of!!!!!!! Freakig radness!!!!!!! ;) thanks for being so good at what you do. You rock.
(01.14.12 06:33 PM)
Malkoza said:
Amelia, I LOve You!!!
(01.15.12 02:10 PM)
kristin @ petal and thorn said:
oh my wow! impossible to pick my favs, although the angel collage and all the baby pics struck my fancy. great to see you at the shower!
(01.15.12 02:45 PM)
carlagrey said:
Wow, I was amazed of those photos. So beautiful.
(01.15.12 07:50 PM)
nanette hepburn said:
your photos are so wonderful, I am inspired so much, as a mum and a photographer. beautiful, you are very talented.
(01.18.12 12:36 PM)
Natalie Norton said:
SLOAN FAMILY CLOSE UP! Can I put that on MY wall?! Love!
(01.28.12 03:11 PM)
heather said:
Image 10 is precious!
(01.29.12 07:43 PM)
Brandy said:
I LOVE your work i wanna do photography as well and you have inspired me so much
(02.02.12 11:33 AM)
star said:
Job well done! 2 thumbs up. :)
(02.03.12 05:00 AM)