That time has come once again to showcase all of my favorite work shot throughout the last year! 2010 was truly fantastic! Justin and I could not feel more blessed to have worked with such amazing clients...thank you for letting us tell your stories through our photos!!!

First up: our TOGETHER! other words, the best portraits of 2010!
Stay tuned for The Best of 2010 Engaged!, Rings! & Married! images!!!

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Marissa Rodriguez said:
I ADORE every single one of these! Your work is truly amazing!
(01.18.11 02:38 PM)
stacey said:
you are the best - really.
(01.18.11 05:43 PM)
Mel said:
I don't know how you choose favorites when ALL your images are fabulous!!
(01.18.11 06:00 PM)
kelli Taylor said:
Truly amazing!
(01.18.11 06:55 PM)
SR said:
Love them all!
(01.18.11 08:58 PM)
imagemoz said:
Great use of light and very nice compositions!
(01.27.11 09:13 AM)