A few weeks ago the beautiful Amber was sent my way by the lovely Leila of Be Inspired PR. We decided to shoot the pregnancy session at the Fullerton Arboretum. I personally enjoy shooting at this location, especially right at "golden hour" with the sun shining through the trees creating fun lens flare and awesome backlight. Amber really is one of my most beautiful pregnant women I have ever met and it shines through in her photos! Her hair and make-up was done by none other than the talented Nicole DeAnne.

My favorite shot of the day....I had to stop for a minute after I saw this far one of my most fav images of all time!



the bump...



Congrats to Amber, can't wait to see your little bundle of joy!

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Leah Stafford said:
what a gorgeous lady!! very beautiful work Amelia!
(12.30.08 01:42 PM)
Meg said:
Good lord this woman wears pregnancy well- and you photograph pregnancy well! ... Absolutely stunning, Amelia!
(12.30.08 01:44 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
Man, I wish I looked like that when I was pregnant! I love all the sun flare! Beautiful pictures!
(12.30.08 02:12 PM)
angie + matt said:
She is so adorable! She is gonna LOVE looking back at these Awesome images!
(12.30.08 10:28 PM)
Ashley Rose said:
Wow she is gorgeous and so are all these images :) stunning!
(12.30.08 11:27 PM)
john waire said:
love that 2nd shot as well. perfection.
(12.31.08 05:15 AM)
Krista Photography said:
These images are gorgeous!
(12.31.08 05:54 AM)
kristin said:
Okay,... this is one of the prettiest maternity shoots I have ever seen.
(12.31.08 06:35 PM)
Michele said:
This is my favorite pregnancy shoot EVER!!! Love all the sunlight and she is absolutely glowing in these pics. Awesome job!
(01.02.09 09:27 AM)
carissa jones said:
love you, love leila and LOVE this adorable mama!!! this actually makes me wanna get preggers just so i can take a cute session like this!! watch out brian! :)
(01.07.09 11:18 PM)
The Memory Journalists said:
Gorgeous! She is absolutely glowing!
(01.13.09 09:24 PM)