Daye is one of the most adorable little baby girls I had ever set eyes on! Big blonde curls, bright blue eyes and the most squeezable cheeks! Vicki, Daye's mom, is a friend of Justin's through YGG and production and had asked us to book a sitting with her and her daughter. We shot the session mostly at their home in L.A., we even caught some moments with dad as well. What a sweet little girl, introducing Baby Daye!


My favorite shot of the day...isn't she a beauty!?!












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Quinze said:
Lovely shooting ans as usual ... great pics !
(11.21.08 05:22 AM)
jackie wonders said:
she reminds me sooooo much of my little 15 month old daughter!! oh amelia, i want to be in your pictures :) i LOVED this shoot.. fantastic images.
(11.21.08 02:15 PM)
Hanssie said:
Precious! I love that first shot at the door.
(11.21.08 05:13 PM)
Abra said:
Wonderful, amazing and all other such adjectives. You really captured the innocence, beauty and joy of being a little one like Daye. I love it.
(11.21.08 09:03 PM)
Molly said:
AMELIA!! that first shot is stunning! I don't even have kids ye but i hope someday i hope to have a large canvas print of something that beautiful. Your photos are always so pretty to look at. Thanks for the inspiration. :) p.s. i'm still hoping that someday i bump into you and your precious little ones in our hometown!
(11.24.08 08:23 AM)
Rog said:
I'm too busy to leave a message right now, but if I must say so, there's nothing quite like waking up in the middle of the day (if you've got that luxury) and clicking your mouse to bring your computer out of it's slumber...with all the sites of importance you've got in your toolbar and still you can't help but press the one that reads "Amelia Lyon", as the first shot of 'information super highway' breathes into your electronic lungs and fills you will supreme sit back and say to yourself "they've done it again. How do they do it again and again?". Lean back in your office chair and just think to yourself, rocking back and forth, up and down, and still in awe that what your seeing on your screen isn't your imagination. It's just good okay? That's all the stuff I would say if I had the time, but I don't.
(11.24.08 08:49 PM)
Vicki Tripp said:
I want to thank Amelia and Justin for doing this session for us. All the photos are so beautiful, and I am grateful to have these moments captured forever. I'm glad everyone likes them! The one posted here of my daughter and I makes me burst with joy it's so fantastic! Thanks A&J! We will have another session soon!
(12.05.08 06:41 PM)
The Memory Journalists said:
What a gorgeous girl! Love her eyes!
(12.18.08 08:19 PM)