Wahoooo! What an amazing response we've had so far and we CANNOT WAIT to see who wins our Big Wedding Photography Giveaway! Just an FYI, VOTING WILL CLOSE AT 12PM PST, so get your votes in while you can! Again, we will be making the announcement for the winner sometime Thursday evening (New Year's Eve). Keep an eye out! For those of you who follow us on Twitter we will be tweeting the winner as soon as the announcement on our post goes up!

Good luck to everyone!

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Gloria Becerra said:
I vote for Matt and Wendy! What I love most is how fast they fell in love. I feel strongly about love and time. People always think so negatively about it but I believe love has its own pace. It can hit at any moment.
(12.30.09 11:29 PM)
Nancy said:
I vote for Matt and Wendy. These are nice people who could use a nice break and some really special photographic memories.
(12.31.09 01:02 AM)
Gary Harman said:
I vote for Matt & Wendy - Good luck and Cogratulations on your engagement.
(12.31.09 07:59 AM)
Justin Harman said:
I vote for Matt & Wendy - hope you win :)
(12.31.09 07:59 AM)
Catherine Harman said:
I vote for Matt & Wendy - love you guys!!!!!!!! good luck!!!!!!!
(12.31.09 08:01 AM)
Joycelyn said:
I vote for couple #5
(12.31.09 09:28 AM)
Joycelyn said:
I vote for couple #5
(12.31.09 09:28 AM)
Jennie Perry said:
Voting for MATT and JALYN!!!!! No couple deserves to win this more than they do! Vote for the high school sweet hearts!!!!
(12.31.09 09:30 AM)
Alan Barnard said:
I would like to place my vote for Matt & Jalyn. I am Matt's father, and I am so proud of him, for all he has accomplished and overcome. This wedding is going to be so special to all of us, but aside from Matt & Jalyn, the most special to me. Matt is doing it right, he is strong and couragous and I am going to be lucky enough to watch him take his next step in life. I love Jalyn already as a daughter and am welcoming her into our family with open arms. (it's about time) I am touched by all the stories, and humbled by theirs, to be mentioned and to have been the motivation for a "sooner" wedding. Your "pay it forward" actions with this giveaway is in keeping with Matt and Jalyn's lifestyle and it would be lovely to see them be on the receiving end. Thank you for making for making this oppurtunity possible. What special people you must be!
(12.31.09 09:37 AM)
Jeremy Chernan said:
I vote for couple number 3
(12.31.09 09:49 AM)
Jeremy Chernan said:
I vote for Matt and Wendy; couple number 3 I know you two deserve this!
(12.31.09 09:57 AM)
Debbie Barnard said:
I am very touched by each of the stories. It wasn't until I heard about this giveaway and then looked at your website and saw your gorgous work that I realized what an incedible oppurtunity this would be for them. Being Matt's mom, I of course am voting for couple 5, knowing how important pictures of this day will be not only to Matt and Jalyn, but to the whole family. Thank you for your generosity.
(12.31.09 09:57 AM)
Jean Anderson said:
My name says Jean, but I am Grammy to Matthew and Jalyn. At my age, I can barely navigate this internet thing, so I hope all this effort was worth it. ( smiliy face however you young people do it) I vote couple 5.
(12.31.09 10:01 AM)
Junior said:
I know Kristina would truly appreciate this giveaway. she is such a special woman. we cant believe our little kristina is growing up and is going to be a married woman now! amelia, they need you!!! this is an epic event for both their families. couple 4 reminds me of kevin arnold and winnie cooper from wonder years. their wedding was meant to be. lets repay them with a nice gift for the new year.
(12.31.09 10:04 AM)
Curtis Burnham said:
I vote for Matt and Wendy - congrats on your engagement
(12.31.09 10:19 AM)
Michael said:
I am voting for Jalyn & Matt
(12.31.09 10:24 AM)
Kristine Atienza said:
Amelia and Justin!! You guys have had an amazing response from all of this!! I thank you both for selecting Jalyn and Matt as your top 5! Being a finalist alone has been more than overwhelming for both of them! And I know they've thoroughly enjoyed reading all the comment from family, friends, "Miss G's" students and colleagues.... So just as one last HOORAH, I wanted to say again that I VOTE FOR MATT AND JALYN! (or as our slogan goes, I VOTED 5! TEAM JALYN AND MATT!). Matt and Jalyn give of themselves every single day without complaint or question.They've been together for 10 years, as highschool sweethearts and have always put their friends and family first. They don't make alot of money with Jalyn being a teacher and having been recently laid off, but as Jalyn puts it, "We have what counts, we're happy, we're healthy, and we're lucky to have each other"
(12.31.09 10:25 AM)
Michelle Moll said:
I vote for Matt and Wendy - sure hope ya'll win! :)
(12.31.09 10:36 AM)
katie anderson said:
I vote for Matt and Wendy
(12.31.09 10:39 AM)
Kat said:
(12.31.09 10:48 AM)
Kat said:
(12.31.09 10:48 AM)
Kira Harman said:
I vote for Wendy and Matt
(12.31.09 11:09 AM)
joana said:
i vote for matt & wendy ! congrats!!
(12.31.09 11:10 AM)
Julie Lerma said:
I vote couple number 3, Matt and Wendy!!
(12.31.09 11:10 AM)
Jeanne Davidson said:
I vote for couple number three, Matt and Wendy.
(12.31.09 11:11 AM)
Deanie Dooley said:
My vote is for couple #3 Matt and Wendy
(12.31.09 11:13 AM)
Kathy Carter said:
I vote for Matt and Wendy couple #3.
(12.31.09 11:14 AM)
Maria Hermosillo said:
I vote for Matt and Wendy.
(12.31.09 11:19 AM)
Yvonne said:
Jason and Kristina! We love them! Go #4!
(12.31.09 11:32 AM)
Jim Draper said:
I vote for Matt Ewell and Wendy Mellon. What a story! Our daughter had a brain tumor romoved just two years ago. She is still with us now, and may she out live me, God willing.
(12.31.09 11:33 AM)
Martha Gomez said:
Jason and Kristina! Such kind people deserve rewards.
(12.31.09 11:36 AM)
Chloe said:
OMG!!! couple #4 inspires me to start my new year off right. I hope they win.
(12.31.09 11:40 AM)
Ryan said:
#4 Jason and Kristina
(12.31.09 11:43 AM)
Jodi Stewart said:
I vote Matt & Wendy
(12.31.09 11:43 AM)
Holly said:
#4 You guys are still so cute! I remember how cute you both were in high school too! Congrats! I hope you guys win! Very touching story!
(12.31.09 11:44 AM)
tuan tu said:
im voting for # 5 go matt and jayln
(12.31.09 11:46 AM)
Cheryl said:
couple #3 to win!
(12.31.09 11:48 AM)
Elisa said:
AMELIA pleeeeeaaaaase pick couple 4 JASON AND KRISTINA!!! They are such good people and ALWAYS help others. It's time they can use a little help too. This would be the PERFECT gift for them. PLEASE PICK #4!
(12.31.09 11:53 AM)
Pat said:
(12.31.09 11:54 AM)
Jennifer said:
(12.31.09 11:56 AM)
LOAN P. said:
(12.31.09 11:59 AM)
carla. said:
hearts and love go out to ms g and matt!
(12.31.09 12:01 PM)
Carmen said:
(12.31.09 12:02 PM)
Karen said:
(12.31.09 12:03 PM)
Sean said:
Vote Jason and Kristina!
(12.31.09 12:04 PM)
Gavin said:
I support #4!
(12.31.09 12:05 PM)
Sarah said:
Couple number 4. Jason and Kristina should win!
(12.31.09 12:06 PM)
Tia said:
Jason and Kristina!!!!! Go #4!!
(12.31.09 12:07 PM)
Lara said:
I vote for Jason and Kristina!
(12.31.09 12:09 PM)
Chenille said:
It's a tough decision. But I hope that the judges pick the winner based on the couple that overcame GREAT obstacles, SACRIFICED and was GIVING of themselves. My vote is for Jason and Kristina.
(12.31.09 12:22 PM)
Kaylene Frost said:
(12.31.09 01:30 PM)