Seriously, the BEST part of being a photographer is that I get to take photos of events like this...the birth of a new niece!

It's always such a wonderful thing to witness another human entering this world and it's even better when I get to watch as my sweet sister and husband bring this perfect little person into the family! Welcome to the world baby Azure! 

This is part 2 of 3 for Azure's birth story (part one being Nicole's maternity session):
azure_birth002.jpgazure_birth003.jpgazure_birth004.jpgIn the middle of labor and she's beautiful!
azure_birth005.jpgThe world of emotions labor brings...
azure_birth006.jpgazure_birth007.jpgazure_birth008.jpgazure_birth009.jpgazure_birth010.jpgazure_birth011.jpgazure_birth012.jpgazure_birth013.jpgazure_birth014.jpgazure_birth015.jpgazure_birth016.jpgazure_birth017.jpgazure_birth018.jpgazure_birth019.jpgazure_birth020.jpgazure_birth021.jpgazure_birth022.jpgazure_birth023.jpgazure_birth024.jpgazure_birth025.jpgazure_birth026.jpgazure_birth027.jpgLOVED watching big sister Lucy meet her baby sister for the first time!
azure_birth028.jpgazure_birth029.jpgazure_birth030.jpgazure_birth031.jpgazure_birth032.jpgazure_birth033.jpgazure_birth034.jpgazure_birth035.jpgPart 3! She's perfect! 
azure_birth036.jpgazure_birth037.jpgazure_birth038.jpgazure_birth039.jpgazure_birth040.jpgazure_birth041.jpgazure_birth042.jpgazure_birth043.jpgazure_birth044.jpgazure_birth045.jpgazure_birth046.jpgThis shot makes me SO happy!
Azure I already love you SO much!!:)

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Rog said:
I absolutely LOVE these photos! But I can smell birth every time I see a picture of it :) That's why I'll only look at this post once.
(10.02.12 10:57 PM)
Sara Lucero said:
This is all insanely beautiful. I'm dumbfounded at how beautiful Nicole looked during the entire process. That is NOT normal, right? Wow what a beautiful mama. And Amelia- you captured such a sweetness in all of these. I took my breaths quietly as I moved on to each delicate and precious picture. They are all so lucky to call you family!
(10.02.12 10:58 PM)
Cindy Cieluch said:
As a photographer and soon-to-be aunt to my sister's first baby, I completely melted more & more as I looked at each image. Every single one is filled with emotion and tells a story. Even the simple wall with the clock=brilliant. Your sister is stunning and Azure-----model baby! That dark hair and those lips! It's almost too much to soak in. She's so so perfect. This is by far one of my favorite posts of yours. Congratulations to your family! Pure joy...
(10.02.12 11:02 PM)
Amber Moon said:
Amelia are you kidding me with this goodness?!!!! OH MY STARS!!! Welcome sweet Azure!!! Just beautiful y'all! xoxoxo!
(10.02.12 11:10 PM)
Nicole DeAnne said:
Sister, I'm crying over here.... Completely balling, I'm in awe at how perfectly you captured every.single.detail. So perfectly too. You are so wonderful for doing this for my sweet Azure. I am so lucky to have photos so intimate for our family to remember. I want to frame them all, I love this! And I love you! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
(10.02.12 11:32 PM)
Andrea said:
These photos give me goosebumps, and actually make me want to experience labour again, if only to have someone photograph it! So incredibly stunning! What an amazing mama, that shot of her crying is perfect. And that baby? What a beautiful child. Sigh. Such a fantastic job, Amelia! xoxo
(10.02.12 11:37 PM)
Casey said:
Beautiful, really beautiful! xxx
(10.03.12 01:11 AM)
canvas print said:
congrats on your little one, its amazing seeing it through the photos like that.
(10.03.12 08:24 AM)
Robyn Davis said:
I just love birth photography, such an incredible thing and takes all us mamas right back there. What a gift for your sister on this day. Beautiful capture, Amelia.
(10.03.12 09:18 AM)
Collette Budd said:
Oh My !! Are you kidding me Amelia ? Seriously such raw emotion my chest was pounding at the emotion felt in this images and the love. My beautiful friend captured with all the love around her... blessed
(10.03.12 09:36 AM)
Marisa said:
Absolute perfection! Very moving images...loved every second of scrolling through it! :)
(10.04.12 06:29 AM)
Heather Armstrong said:
So beautiful! Tears!!!!
(10.04.12 08:46 AM)
Tonya Joy said:
so incredible!!!!
(10.05.12 10:00 AM)
elizabeth antonia said:
oh, i'm weepy looking at these! what a beautiful family and such special moments captured. this makes me even MORE excited to meet our new little one! xoxo elizabeth
(10.12.12 01:59 PM)
Jannatul Shumi said:
Just lovely photos and it brings tears in my eyes. Awesome feelings of mother, just love this photos.
(11.20.12 02:29 AM)
celeste said:
These photos made me tear up!! how beautiful and what quality of documentation and care for detail, amazing, thanks for sharing, youre a great source of inspiration all the time!!!
(10.18.13 06:35 AM)