Lately my boys have been playing pretend and dressing up! It's really fun to watch their imaginations run wild involving mostly super heros, dinosaurs, pirates, & cowboys! It usually starts in the morning with the super hero capes. Yesterday after I dropped Hudson off at school Sloan begged me to put on his super hero costume. Little did I know that he would want to wear it ALL day long! It was adorable! I let him embrace his inner Super Sloan!
supersloan001.jpgI have this random hallway in my house, perfect for a quick "photo shoot" of my kids...I use it quite often, it has the most perfect bounced light coming in from the french doors over to the hallway closet. Where is your favorite place for a quick shoot in your house?
PS. Thanks to my talented sister in law Jill for the super hero never gets old! Remember when I shot Hudson in it?!

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Jessica said:
Nice. My 5-year-old is constantly playing dress up. I love their creative little minds!
(06.02.11 12:14 PM)
Rachel Tatem said:
That's great. Your sister-in-law is talented!
(06.02.11 12:48 PM)
Aurelie Felli said:
Hi! I often look your amazing pictures and this time leave a comments. I have also children, and they often play super hero. My favorite place in my house for a quick photo shoot is in my kitchen because there is the biggest window from the house or in the garden. I love your pictures and you seem to be a nice family! I leave in Switzerland and I'm also a photographer. Thank's for all this beautiful image abd have a nice week-end :-), bye, Aurelie
(06.02.11 01:27 PM)
Kara Rush said:
That is such a cute costume!! The house I live in now has some great spots for pictures...a window where the earliest morning light hits our bedroom wall, and on the staircase where the sunset shines through a glass front door.
(06.02.11 01:38 PM)
Nic said:
Love it, as I looked at the first couple I thought love the floors and the light in that space, then you said it :)..Thanks for sharing and I think it's great when people let their kids just "be"..Cheers...
(06.02.11 03:05 PM)
Jill said:
Well I feel a lot safer knowing Siper Sloan is on the job. Love it.
(06.02.11 04:51 PM)
Lindsay said:
That costume is awesome- almost as awesome as your child! I made capes for my boys this past christmas as gifts- but they weren't as good as that cape! Mind sharing where it came from?
(06.02.11 05:06 PM)
Laurent Hrybyk said:
Thanks for the smile! These reminded me of my two year old and his recent dress up character of SUPER ELEPHANT! haha!
(06.03.11 05:43 AM)
Branden Harvey said:
So cute!
(06.06.11 04:17 PM)
Luke watts said:
Wonderful photographs and cute expression, each looks unique and perfect timing too.Good work.Happy working
(06.09.11 02:51 AM)