On October 18th my little baby turned two and now he's actually a little boy! Sighhhhh, no longer a baby.

Here are a few fun facts about Sloan:
1. He wants to be just like his big brother Hudson
2. Loves to eat avocado, rice, beans, yogurt, and "eggies"...and that's pretty much it
3. Knows how to say his own prayers...sorta:)
4. His favorite character on Yo Gabba Gabba! is Foofa
5. Has a slight obsession with pigs and has a collection that is currently growing
6. Loves to dress up in hats, daddy's shoes, or even sometimes mommy's heals
7. Likes to repeat things he hears others say (believe us, we learned that the hard way!)
8. Favorite place to play is on mommy and daddy's bed, loves to bounce and wrestle on it
9. He can't get enough of Hudson, "Hudson, wook at me" or "Hudson, do it again"
10. ALWAYS wants mommy to "hold you"
11. He's the best snuggler ever!
12. Has his Grandpa Lyon's brown eyes
13. Asks us about twenty times a day, "uh-go-bye-bye?" (translation: I want to go bye-bye)
14. Has to sleep with his "froggy-bwankie" and his "whitning makeen bwanket" every night
15. If you ask him what his name is he says "I'm Swoanie"
16. He'll come up to mommy & daddy and say "Uh kisses!" and lay a big wet one one us!
17. Favorite band is Vampire weekend, really!
18. Sloan is lost without Hudson when Hudson goes to preschool and asks constantly, "mommy, where's Hudson?"
19. Walks around the house singing to himself, "I wike to move it, move it! I wike to move it, move it"
20. Best thing Sloan says is, "I wove you mama, I wove you dada, I wove you Hudson"

We took these photos on Sloan's birthday, it was such a great day...I love my little family!
sloan2_025.jpgFavorite shot of the day!
sloan2_026.jpgsloan2_030.jpgsloan2_036.jpgsloan2_040.jpgsloan2_042.jpgsloan2_045.jpgsloan2_051.jpgWe love you "Swoanie"! We can't wait to see what this year brings!

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Angie said:
Yay Swoanie! He looks like Hudson more and more! Glad he had a Happy Happy Birthday!
(11.03.09 01:06 AM)
kayleen T. said:
Awww...he is soo adorable! I love the 2nd year, some say terrible two's but I think this year is amazing how much they learn and discover and the new and funny stuff they do everyday blows my mind sometimes! Happy Birthday Sloan!
(11.03.09 01:07 AM)
Josh said:
So cute....been following your blog for some time and wow...he is growing! Got to hang w/your husband and the other mammoth men on Sunday in Nashville...what a riot!
(11.03.09 01:22 AM)
Mirko Herzner said:
Some super cute images in this series. Your favourite shot is also the one I like best... But I also really like the very first image with him holding these two cars.
(11.03.09 02:06 AM)
Jenny said:
Sloan is so cute ! Looks like he likes chocolate :)
(11.03.09 02:50 AM)
Gedas said:
sweeeeeeeet :)
(11.03.09 03:51 AM)
Alexandra said:
Aww :) Happy Birthday to Sloan :) I LOVE these photos! What post processing do you use??
(11.03.09 04:38 AM)
quincy mccarthy said:
you seriously have THE cutest kids ever! what a darling family. :)
(11.03.09 04:47 AM)
bobbi said:
I love this list :) You're a rockin' mommy... and the photos of... rockin' :D
(11.03.09 05:33 AM)
David Bier said:
I've got a 15-month old 'baby''s hard to admit they're not actually babies, isn't it? He is an absolute cutie - they both are! Aren't we lucky, as photographers, to be able to record our kids' development so well? Happy Birthday Sloan
(11.03.09 06:02 AM)
Abra said:
Okay, time to wipe away the tears. What an amazingly sweet post. I miss that sweet age. {{sigh}} Kids are great.
(11.03.09 06:25 AM)
Julie Parker said:
You have such a darling little family! Kids grow up WAY too fast!!
(11.03.09 07:04 AM)
Rebecca Hansen said:
My heart just melted. Like a popsicle.
(11.03.09 07:31 AM)
Char Baiz said:
these photos just drip with cuteness!!!
(11.03.09 07:51 AM)
Ale said:
Sloan and Hudson are so cute! I love your family photos! I would have loved having these types of photos of myself when I was younger! Im sure they will treasure them! :)
(11.03.09 08:07 AM)
jessie said:
AAAHHH!! We love Sloanie too! Such great photo's of a great family. When I look at Dusty's eyes I feel so happy because I can see Sloan there too, and vice-versa!!
(11.03.09 08:32 AM)
Melissa Gartner said:
So adorable!! Your boys are so cute. They grow up so fast!!
(11.03.09 09:31 AM)
ohana photographers said:
aw... happy happy birfday little lyon sloan!!!
(11.03.09 10:38 AM)
heather said:
Vampire Weekend... I believe it! We have killer dance parties in our kitchen quite regularly... my two-year old's request every time? A-Punk. Great taste Sloan! High fives from Liv!
(11.03.09 01:14 PM)
Ashley Rose said:
your lil men are sooo adorable!!!! :) and i love that he calls himself swoanie :) sooo cute. you guys are the raddest lil family! just love these!!!
(11.03.09 01:34 PM)
jackie wonders said:
you guys, your boys are ppppreccious! Emery says the same exact thing when she wants to be held "hold you, mama". i love it! happy birthday Sloan!!!
(11.03.09 02:14 PM)
Shelley Freckleton said:
Hugs and luvs Sloanie Balonie!
(11.04.09 06:52 AM)
stacyZ said:
These are so cute. I love how the brothers are just so cute together. Way to rock it.
(11.04.09 12:12 PM)
Connie said:
Amelia - the first time I met you, you were only 7 months pregnant with Sloan! I can't believe he is already 2 years old! The boys look more and more alike everyday! So handsome!
(11.05.09 07:56 AM)
Becky said:
Yay! Happy Birthday Sloan! Amelia, your kiddos are so adorable. It was so fun for me and Dan to finally meet you guys! Hope everything is going good for your fam! Take care.
(11.05.09 12:57 PM)
MFMG said:
Cute kids. Nice photos. I hope your kids grow up knowing how lucky they are.
(11.08.09 10:08 PM)