Today we were featured on Lifetime's television show Get Married. We were contacted a few months ago by Get Married to be interviewed specifically about then engagement sessions we shoot. We were flattered and excited, but I'm not going to lie, I was super nervous and even more nervous to see us on TV! I tend to get a little tongue tied when I'm anxious and I didn't want this to happen in the interview. Fortunately, Justin was also interviewed at the same time with me so that definitely helped. I think over all we did a pretty good job, although you can tell that I really wanted to put my two bits in (lol!).
Picture 2.png
You can view the full episode (#54) by clicking here, our segment is featured in the middle. Thanks to the Get Married crew, it was definitely a little adventure for us! This episode will also air again June 11th on Lifetime, check your local listings to find out what time it plays, for us the show airs at 7:30am.

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Ryel j said:
OMGosh!!!! You guys are sooooo adorable. I thought it was sweet and so personal! Love, love, love the images.
(06.04.08 01:03 PM)
Ashley said:
Congrats! That is so exciting! I just tivod it =)
(06.04.08 01:11 PM)
Lindsey Joy said:
This is great, I loved it! Thanks for sharing. ps: I read your blog daily through google reader - your work is so inspiring! Just wanted to say hi :)
(06.04.08 02:25 PM)
angie + matt said:
So cute! You don't look dorky at all. You guys look totally natural, way to go!
(06.04.08 03:23 PM)
Michelle Moore said:
So cute! Love seeing all your photos, and you guys talking about why engagement sessions are so important! Congrats! :) PS. Amelia you are adorable!! xoxo
(06.04.08 03:48 PM)
kristine & ron said:
hi amelia & justin!! the funny thing is, our friend said she saw our engagement pictures on lifetime this morning and i immediately remembered you guys!! that was so awesome!! you guys look so adorable on tv!!! oh and we totally related to that *dorky* feeling you guys felt afterwards! haha we soooooo felt that way too after rachael ray! anyways congrats again, we're so very excited and happy for you guys!
(06.04.08 05:18 PM)
Roger Ellsworth said:
i saw you on tv, i saw you on tv! Naturals obviously. What's next..."Days of our lives" maybe? ooh, or i don't know...American Gladiators? Have you seen that show? I'm calling it right here and now...Wolf is the new Chuck Norris. Anyhow, you guys did real well on the tube but, what did you say? I watched it on the spanish Lifetime channel. No Habla Espanol. Obviously.
(06.04.08 05:25 PM)
kristine & ron said:
woops, we wanted to add one more thing!!! thank you for including us and our pictures in your awesome experience! we're so happy to have met and worked with you and the sloans! you guys all totally rock!
(06.04.08 05:45 PM)
denise bovee said:
just finished watching : ) how cool is that!! good thing justin was there to supervise ; ) after I read your intro i was laughing when I could tell you wanted to say somethin lol. you did good! congrats!
(06.04.08 05:54 PM)
heather saunders said:
that was so great! what a cool feature, and you totally did not look nervous at all. Very natural IN FRONT of the camera and geniuses BEHIND the camera, thanks for sharing!
(06.04.08 07:14 PM)
Lyndzee said:
No goofball remarks from the Ellsworths today. If you already don't know we come on here daily and just love your work!! Good job on the interview, it was great. I would have been babbling and stuttering haha.. So good on you,, well done!
(06.04.08 07:38 PM)
Roger Ellsworth said:
Lyndzee didn't see my comment yet did she? Us Ellsworths are goofy. Just ask someone.
(06.04.08 08:49 PM)
Roger Ellsworth said:
Hey guys. I'm just trying to pad your stats. you deserve it. "wow! 65 comments!". seriously, you inspire me.
(06.04.08 08:52 PM)
Lan Bui said:
That is great!!! Congrats!!! I'm off to watch the episode.
(06.04.08 10:28 PM)
amber said:
fantastic! i read your blog and when i watched the episode, i felt like my friends made it. haha. friends... amazingly talented, successful people on the other side of the country that i've never met...same thing.
(06.05.08 12:27 PM)
kris said:
Amelia and Justin, Kris here from Get Married. I just wanted to say you guys were a pleasure to work with to say the least. Your work is creative and still allows the emotion to shine through, which is what the bride of today is searching for in a photographer. Thank you for making my job an easy one. Take care!
(06.05.08 12:31 PM)
Lan Bui said:
Nice job on the interview! You guys are so cool.
(06.05.08 06:32 PM)
dietcokegrrl said:
How exciting you guys were featured on the show! Great job!
(06.08.08 06:40 PM)
Natalie Norton said:
Yay! Yay! Yay! Congratulations!!
(06.09.08 01:01 PM)