Here are a few moments I've caught of our boys over the past month. Happy Sunday everyone!


Sloan is growing up so much everyday, he crawls around and loves pulling himself up onto things! I can't believe how big he is already!



I don't know why, but this photo makes me LOL!


Of course this is my favorite shot from this series!

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david & kimi b said:
they are seriously too cute! love huds face in the last b&w ones.
(07.13.08 03:27 PM)
Michelle Moore said:
Amelia! Your boys are SO cute and growing up so fast! I LOVE that first image of little Sloan, what an adorable photo!!! They are so lucky to have such rad parents :) xoxo
(07.13.08 03:36 PM)
Jason Lee said:
Your boys are absolutely adorable! Love the last shot.
(07.13.08 03:45 PM)
Heather Cole said:
they are sooo cute!!!!! love love love these shots!!
(07.13.08 04:00 PM)
Roger W Ellsworth said:
Your kids are so lucky. They'll thank you later. I like the family pics you post, my kids are sick-o-cameras. I got them a couple times this week though since Lyndzee's been gone. My favorite of yours is the last one too. I like it because you can't even see sloans body, just his head. How'd you do that? Oh wait,...I see what you's the camo isn't it? Freak! See what i mean? You guys ARE the best!
(07.13.08 04:06 PM)
Hanssie said:
Oh my gosh they are soooo cute! I agree on the last one...perfect!
(07.13.08 05:04 PM)
Andreanna said:
They are adorable! That last one is too much!
(07.13.08 05:04 PM)
Ashley said:
I can't believe Sloan is crawling!! Time goes by so fast. I love the first one of Hudson and Sloan together. So much personality there! Adorable as always!
(07.13.08 05:27 PM)
Colt Bowden said:
OWwow! the boys are looking very handsome, keep the girls away as long as you can! I can't wait to come visit and play chase tag with Hudson. I'll be down in August gotta see the fam!
(07.13.08 06:33 PM)
jessie said:
Adorable, Adorable, Adorable . . . how did Sloan get so big so fast? I love the last two shots of the brothers together! They both have great expressions and personality in all the photos! Thanks for making my day!
(07.13.08 07:10 PM)
Nicole DeAnne said:
I love these boys!!!!
(07.13.08 10:23 PM)
Nat & John said:
Your boys are just too adorable!!! I love the picture of Sloan crawling and the one of Hudson making a face. =) Keep on taking AWESOME pics!!! Work your magic girl!!!
(07.14.08 09:30 AM)
tiffany izatt said:
Aawwee, Those are so adorable, they are both so freaking cute! And those eyes on Sloan, wow beautiful.
(07.14.08 02:14 PM)
jeremy parsons said:
Oh man, those guys RULE and I miss them. :)
(07.14.08 09:55 PM)
Christine said:
Your photography is absolutely amazing. Found you through twitter (by doing a bored-at-work random search of Fullerton twitterers) Looking forward to viewing more of your shots later when I'm NOT working! :)
(07.15.08 03:33 PM)
angie + matt said:
Oh they are such handsome guys! The last one has to be hung on a wall in your house!!!
(07.15.08 09:50 PM)
YVONNE said:
you have the most beautiful kids ever!!
(07.17.08 03:26 PM)
Tonya Peterson said:
So glad you posted these! I was wondering how big sloan was getting! Paige is changing every day. These pics are so cute
(08.04.08 04:23 PM)