Last Sunday our coolio- good friends,Mark and Candice of Mark Brooke Photography, invited us out to spend the afternoon at Candice's parents' house in the Huntington Beach Harbor. Candice's parents also own a Duffy boat, so we all decided to go out for a little ride. It was the coolest way to spend a Sunday afternoon, just lazily riding along the harbor and enjoying the weather!

It's Capt'n Mark, FULL SPEED AHEAD!


"He's got Hydrogen Psychosis, the crazy eye!"

I love my granny-glasses!


Hudson had a ton of fun driving the boat too!









Ps. Mark and Candice can make a MAD dish of fajitas!

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Hanssie said:
All I can hear is the Gilligan's island Theme song...I love the shot of Candice making faces at your cute kid!
(07.17.08 01:08 PM)
Heather Brown said:
your boy are so FREAKIN cute!!! love the pics! and i LOVE seein pics of them!!!! I love the one of the wind blowin hudson's hair!! awesome... miss you guys!!
(07.17.08 01:28 PM)
Ava Zub said:
I can't tell you enough how much I love your work
(07.17.08 01:42 PM)
Cristy Cross said:
I LOVE the one of you and your baby with your granny glasses on. It is so sweet. I want one of those with me and my baby boy :)
(07.17.08 01:53 PM)
Roger W Ellsworth said:
This shoot (good time) looks like it was so o 0 o 0 o fun. I had fun like this in San Francisco today. I opened a bottle of creamy salsa (from my friends, the tostitos company) and it jumped from my hand and cracked at the rim of the glass. So I clean up what spilled and started eating the rest. Now would you think that some glass might have broken off into the creamy salsa. Neither would I, but there was. Have you ever bitten glass? I did. Not cool. I'm going to my favorite place besides home...the SPA! Amelia and Hud, by the way, have you ever actually taken bad pictures? As far as i've known you, have not. Just to let you know, You nailed it again and again. Keep on Rockin. Oh, and don't eat glass......ever.
(07.20.08 07:16 PM)
Steve Gerrard said:
Love seeing your personal pics as well as the weddings etc. The boys look so cool. Not sure I can forgive you for the rogue apostrophe in the title though ;) lol Steve
(07.25.08 01:34 AM)
Neale James said:
LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures! The feeling and emotion comes through without that shadow of doubt or underexposure. I've now headed into your blog to read all about you.
(08.12.08 10:44 PM)