The Mammoth Men are in Park City, if you haven't gotten any yet, GET SOME!!! Also, they are raffling off tickets for some big winnings, tickets are only $10 a piece and all proceeds will go to charity! Here are some of my favorite pics taken by Nate Kaiser yesterday. Can't wait to see what other shinanigans they get into the rest of the week!




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jackie wonders said:
totally insane.
(03.10.09 11:42 AM)
The Divas said:
You Mammoth Men rock. xoxo, Kimberlee & Marissa
(03.10.09 12:42 PM)
Rog of EP said:
Hello artist formerly known as Justin Lyon. "I'm too sexy for my shirt". Mr wind blown wet hair sexy stache look at me like you wanna eat me...guy. You should host your own show in vegas. I would buy every seat for every show. Also, I wish I had nipples that were as small as Mark's nipples. That's my next single by the way. Look for it on disc in all of target's electronic departments this summer.
(03.10.09 09:00 PM)
nate said:
ummm...i know matt sloan and i have been mistaken for each other before, but now you? ;)
(03.10.09 11:58 PM)
kate said: that looks cold.
(03.14.09 04:06 PM)
Vancouver wedding photographer said:
Wow, these guys look cold. Awesome photo though. What co-operative subjects. I love it!
(03.20.09 03:23 AM)
Melanie Jade said:
Man, it just keeps getting bettre and better doesn't it! Oh boy.
(03.24.09 02:07 PM)