On Saturday night we were hanging with the Kaiser's and randomly decided to take a last minute family vacation up to Morro Bay, less than 24 hours later we were having dinner in Santa Barbara on our way up the coast! I love spontaneous trips! We have been trying to plan a trip with our families for a while and noticed that both our calendars were open for the week. Morro Bay is beautiful, its such a rad location to vacation at!

Activities we've done so far include (other than going crazy with our fun kids), visited friends, watched the elephant seals (see the Kaiser's blog), dined on some amazing food, and best of all, we've flown kites!!!










My favorite shot of the day! Love my boys:)






Crazy hair...

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jackie wonders said:
OMgosh. i LOVE the shots of you and sloan!!! gorgeous. and your fave is my other fave too :) looked like fun...
(04.08.09 09:27 AM)
Brittany Sattel said:
Oh my gosh Amelia - the 2 of you and Sloan are stunning!! I hope you guys are having a blast (it looks like you are!). :)
(04.08.09 09:29 AM)
gretchen k. said:
Love fun spontaneous trips!!! The color pic of you and baby sloan melts my heart! =)
(04.08.09 09:31 AM)
Stevie said:
These are fantastic!! What a fun vacation. I love that first photo of Hudson. It's classic. And Amelia, you are a beauty!!!
(04.08.09 09:32 AM)
Andrea said:
Could you please adopt me? You have the cutest family. My favorite shot of the day is the colored one of you and your youngest. Beautiful
(04.08.09 09:33 AM)
Sarah Rhoads said:
oh me oh my.. that color one of you and your littlest just makes my heart melt... you are such rock star parents you guys!
(04.08.09 09:34 AM)
ashley Parsons said:
a few things: 1. we miss you guys too!!! 2. you and your family are so beautiful, it makes me sad I can't hug you all! 3. these pictures make me very very happy! :) lots of love, dear ones!
(04.08.09 09:36 AM)
angie + matt said:
The picture of you and Sloanie snuggling sweetly is the sweetest thing I've ever seen!
(04.08.09 09:50 AM)
Chad Morgan said:
Duuuude. I want a shark kite. That is rad.
(04.08.09 09:54 AM)
Whitney said:
I just had Jack sit down and I showed him these pictures. He loved seeing Hudson and "New Nuts". We'll be in Southern California in June!
(04.08.09 09:55 AM)
Emily Ruth said:
I am so jealous!!! I love the pictures of you with Sloan- you are beautiful- crazy hair and all....
(04.08.09 09:55 AM)
Lyndzee of EP said:
I haven't flown a kite since I was a kid. It looks so fun. I LOVE the shot of Amelia & Sloanie resting on her shoulder,,, definitley canvas worthy in my eyes. Hope you guys are having fun on your trip!!!
(04.08.09 09:57 AM)
heather said:
what a foxy mama. love the 3rd to last shot, such nice light on a pretty face. enjoy the vaca.
(04.08.09 09:59 AM)
Dana & Jeremy said:
I adore the one of you and Sloan!
(04.08.09 10:03 AM)
ohana photographers - david & kimi said:
you guys are just too beautiful for your own good! rain has that same dragon kite! yay kites! :)
(04.08.09 10:15 AM)
David Blakeman said:
These photos are phenomimal. They make me want to do three things; 1. Fly a kite. 2. Have kids. 3. Take photos at Morro Bay. Any of the three would be great. Keep rockin' you guys. You're doing an incredible job.
(04.08.09 10:47 AM)
Cameron Ingalls said:
Beautiful.... I had so much fun meeting the kids last night! Hudson and Grace were just soooo sweet!
(04.08.09 10:53 AM)
Cameron Ingalls said:
p.s. beautiful pictures as well. ;)
(04.08.09 10:54 AM)
Ashley said:
I love all the pictures of you and Sloan! So precious!
(04.08.09 11:19 AM)
connieMchung said:
:) the picture of 'your boys' makes me happy. so cute.
(04.08.09 01:16 PM)
thedub said:
That pic of you holding Sloan with your hair blowing is BEAUTIFUL!!
(04.08.09 01:17 PM)
Stephanie McBride said:
absolutely wonderful images. my favorites are of mom and son. precious. that is one talented family :)
(04.08.09 01:56 PM)
Yuka photo art said:
These pictures alive......i can feel them. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(04.08.09 03:00 PM)
punam bean said:
Wow. These all just took my breathe away!
(04.08.09 03:10 PM)
Abra said:
Isn't it great being a photographer and having just the absolute best images of your family to remember their childhood in such a better way than school or studio pictures could ever do?
(04.08.09 03:55 PM)
Tiffany said:
This post totally makes me want to go fly kites!! Beautiful images! Sounds like you guys are having a fantastic vacation!
(04.08.09 04:27 PM)
Becky said:
I LOVE the shots of Grace with her kite and the one of Hudson with his kite...those are works of art!!
(04.08.09 04:37 PM)
Karla Reimer said:
incredible photos - ALL OF THEM. but i gotta ask, where did you get those amazing kites?!?
(04.08.09 06:34 PM)
Rog said:
You guys are larger than life! I've always been in..."ringring", uh hang on a sec..."ringring", Roger:"hello...yeah that was me...oh yeah, well I was thinking of doing something a little more not like the mumblw mumble munnsrghhrghrrgh howwwerddrmmgghaagh". :by this time roger forgot what he was doing and wasn't finishing his sentences like usual. I guess you'll have to deal with it like everyone else. scatterbrain.
(04.09.09 07:21 AM)
Julie Parker said:
Amelia, you look so pretty in these! It looks like you guys had a great time.
(04.09.09 07:21 AM)
Liz said:
you are such a sweet family. this is such a sweet set of fam photos..
(04.09.09 09:34 AM)
jodi said:
Those are amazing. Love them.
(04.09.09 10:20 AM)
Kayla said:
These are so amazing!!! Wow! Your kids are so blessed to have so many fabulous photos during their childhood. I LOVE the photos with you in them!
(04.09.09 08:45 PM)
Sarah @ said:
Your favorite shot of the day is an excellent family shot =) It looks like you guys are all having fun!
(04.10.09 10:45 AM)
jac said:
love it! such a good day!!!
(04.10.09 04:18 PM)
emily quinton said:
beautiful, fun and exciting family shots. need to go an buy a kite or two for my little ones! Inspired ;-)
(04.12.09 04:52 AM)
Heather Cole said:
Oh these are amazing!! LOVE LOVE LOVE these. :) Such a wonderful family!!!
(04.12.09 06:44 PM)
Robert Cristie Photography said:
I love flying kites in Morro Bay! No better place to fly a kite! I am from MB and I miss it so much, thanks for the reminder of my beautiful home town.... amazing pics... can't wait to fly kites with my daughter when she's older.
(04.13.09 10:16 AM)
Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography) said:
First of all, you are BEAUTIFUL. And second, it's fun seeing these shots through your camera and then again through the Kaisers' cameras on their blog. It's like I was there now. :)
(04.14.09 08:31 AM)
david said:
i love it love've captured the holiday mood. Makes me wanna take my boy to the beach ;)
(04.14.09 01:26 PM)
Jonathan Frey said:
(04.14.09 05:02 PM)
jenniferL said:
what a great family trip! love all the photos especially the 8th one down of you holding your baby boy... so adorable. i'm heading to morro bay this weekend for a girls trip with my mom. can't wait!
(04.15.09 01:44 PM)
Rachel Absher said:
I am convinced that the light is different in California. I must get out there and visit. Beautiful captures, beautiful family.
(04.15.09 05:03 PM)
Leah Simmers said:
So these totally make me want to figure out how to fly a kite. Yep I said it and it's true I've never flown a kite, sad.
(04.16.09 10:10 PM)
Brittany said:
wow i just love the color image of you holding your son and your hair captures the beautiful love a mother has for her child and a tender moment...
(04.20.09 12:51 PM)
Gretta said:
you're beautiful, you know that?
(05.22.09 02:13 PM)
Kacey Pearson said:
Amelia---these images are bananas! I am in love with this entire post. The ones of you and Sloan are sick! All of the shots of the kids on the beach. LOVE LOVE LOVE! You are always an inspiration!
(05.27.09 04:46 PM)