Where did the time go?! We can't believe our little boy is already turning 4 years old! He has been such a joy and we feel so lucky and blessed that the Big Man upstairs has trusted us to take care of this amazing little person!

Some things you may not know about Hudson:

1. He still loves circle toast (for those new followers, this is Hudson's nickname for donuts).
2. His favorite movie is "Cars".
3. His favorite colors are red and green and he tells us that about 20 times a day!
4. He LOVES eating raw mushrooms.
5. His favorite candies are white Mentos and candy canes.
6. His nickname for his baby brother Sloan is "B" (we have no idea why).
7. He is super protective of his "B" and thinks he is sooooo cute.
8. He carries all six of his Lightning McQueen Cars and his stuffed baby lion around with him most of the day.
9. When he brushes his teeth he has to end it with counting to 10 while he runs his toothbrush under the water.
10. His favorite song to rock out to on his toy Muno guitar is "Momma's Boy" by Chromeo.
11. Currently his favorite song to sing to is "Nothing to Worry About" by Peter, Bjorn, & John.
12. When he talks on mommy and daddy's iPhones he has to walk in circles.
13. He loves to go on "nacations" (vacations).
14. His first favorite pass time is to steal daddy's iPhone to play games.
15. His second favorite pass time is to steal mommy's iPhone to twitter or send text messages out for her!
16. He is really good at saying his own prayers.
17. Whenever mommy and daddy leave the house he won't let us go with out loves and kisses.
18. His giggle is amazing and is one of the best noises to hear in the entire world! When he laughs, he laughs with his whole body.
19. Currently he likes to collect rocks and bring them home from the park.
20. He tells mommy everyday that I'm his favorite "mudder" and daddy that he is his favorite "Justin".

Hudson, we love you SO MUCH!!! Happy 4th Birthday!!





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Tonya said:
Happy Birthday to your little man...he is adorable...loved reading all the cute things you remember about him...
(04.04.09 06:11 AM)
Amber said:
The second picture down looks alot like your dad. I think its his smile!
(04.04.09 08:09 AM)
Chad Morgan said:
These make me smile. My little girls is going to be five soon. Gosh, it goes so fast, doesn't it? Sigh.
(04.04.09 08:44 AM)
Jennifer Gilmore said:
What a cutie! Sounds similar to our 4 year old...even down to favorite color and candy. Happy birthday to Hudson! :)
(04.04.09 08:57 AM)
Rebecca Hansen said:
He has the best taste in music of a four year old ever! haha
(04.04.09 09:26 AM)
Grandpa Brady said:
Hudson, WOW you are four years old. How cool is that. I sure enjoyed the top twenty list. Your smile and laugh makes me feel so good and happy. You also give grrrrreeeaaaaattttttt bear hugs. Love Grandpa Brady.
(04.04.09 09:45 AM)
Rog said:
You've got about as many laughing pics of Hudson as we have pouting pics of Jett. Happy Birthday Hudson! We'll see you all at the party. Hey Hudson, remember not to drink too many juice boxes at the've got to drive home.
(04.04.09 10:08 AM)
Erica Berger said:
What an amazing child - so cute. Congrats on having such a cool life with great kids and work!
(04.04.09 11:05 AM)
jackie wonders said:
hap- hap- happy birthday!!! feliz cumpleanos Hudson!
(04.04.09 11:10 AM)
Dustin & Jessie said:
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Hudson, Haapppyyyy Biirrrttthhhhddddaaaayyyyy 2 U!!!!!!!! We love you lots and so excited you have turned 4
(04.04.09 11:27 AM)
Molly said:
You're making me into "that pregnant weepy lady" this was so cute. I'm so glad you've posted these things so you can remember them when Hudson is 15 or even 30! My parents always talk about how quickly your memories slip away and I just think this is awesome. I vow to do this for the little one growing with me as we speak. Happy Birthday Hudson!!
(04.04.09 12:03 PM)
Ashley said:
Awww happy birthday Hudson! I love your list Amelia! He has such a cute personality. Have fun celebrating today! Even I am in shock that he's four already. Time goes by soooo fast!
(04.04.09 12:20 PM)
Tyler said:
(04.04.09 12:49 PM)
Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography) said:
Aw! He's so handsome! Happy Birthday Hudson!!!!!!
(04.04.09 12:51 PM)
Rachel Lindley said:
Stinkin' adorable... Thanks for sharing!
(04.04.09 05:18 PM)
Heather Williams said:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE HUDSON! (he's still little to me:) thanks for letting us enjoy it with you at the park!
(04.04.09 06:12 PM)
sarah skow said:
oh my goodness! what a sweetheart. you guys are blessed!
(04.05.09 09:34 AM)
Heather Brown said:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUDSON!!! I love these pictures. So his personality!! Seems like just yesterday he was born! What a fun age!!
(04.05.09 10:33 AM)
barbara ( soon to be dieppa) said:
too cute!! Happy birthday to mama and dada too! ;)What a special day!
(04.05.09 08:26 PM)
mindy @ STUDIO 6.23 said:
so sweet! parenting is a pretty amazing thing. sometimes i'm in awe of how God entrusted such precious little people to us! happy birthday to you, hudson! rock on!!!
(04.06.09 02:17 AM)
Doug Boutwell said:
Happy Birthday little man!
(04.06.09 07:39 AM)
angie + matt said:
Holy 4!!!! I remember the day you guys called to tell us the big news of being pregnant!!! i can't believe he is already 4! Hope you had an AWESOME birthday Hudson:) Maddux misses you and is sending you a high five!
(04.06.09 08:06 AM)
Shelley Freckleton said:
Yeah for Hudson! 4 is magical!
(04.06.09 09:13 AM)
jesi haack said:
oh my GOSH! how can you stand this cuteness every day!!!!!! he is adorable...
(04.06.09 03:01 PM)
Sarah @ said:
Happy birthday to your handsome little guy!! He's adorable!! =)
(04.06.09 04:47 PM)
Jean Tsai said:
What a great smile! Just like his mommy!!
(04.06.09 04:59 PM)
ashley bartoletti said:
wow that is one cute little boy! happy birthday to him!
(04.06.09 09:23 PM)
connieMchung said:
awwww. these are soooo priceless. he's soooooo cute!
(04.06.09 11:30 PM)
Shannon Renee said:
This is the CUTEST thing EVER!!! Oh man... I can't wait to be a mom and learn all the adorables that kids do! What a happy little boy!
(04.07.09 05:31 PM)
Veronica Abello said:
You seriously have the cutest little boy in the WORLD. He looks like so much fun and such a joy to have.
(04.07.09 09:23 PM)
todd pellowe said:
hbd hudson! you rock little dude!
(04.07.09 10:19 PM)
thedub said:
Man - what a ham!
(04.09.09 12:37 PM)
ondriana said:
such an awesome blog, and lovely lovely lovely photography. loooove it!
(04.09.09 02:49 PM)
Nas said:
He is so adorable!!!!
(05.19.09 06:14 AM)