For those of you who don't know what my husband is up to here is an update, I plan to do a few updates periodically as he is away for the week. He has embarked on a man-cation with 11 of his close photographer buddies, they call themselves THE MAMMOTH MEN! Keep up with their crazy shenanigans all week by following their blog where you can vote on what they should do each day and even win a Shootsac!

I've noticed that my husband gets the funniest photos taken of him and in all honesty, each photo really depicts his personality to a tee! I miss him, but my turn to get away is just around the corner. This photo was taken by the talented Jeremy Parsons, the guys went to a shooting range today...thanks for making me laugh out loud Jeremy! Happy Tuesday!

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*B* said:
That is such an awesome photo!!
(11.18.08 06:52 PM)
matt + angie sloan said:
That is straight from a movie scene! There are some seriously sweet pictures of Hud on the Mammoth Men Blog!
(11.18.08 07:24 PM)
Nellie Guerrero said:
OMG this is hilarious! I love it. He looks so serious and yet so funny.
(11.19.08 09:19 AM)
Miguel Pola said:
Straight out of starsky & Hutch! lol
(11.19.08 11:21 AM)
jenberry said:
this looks like a coen brothers movie. happy birthday.
(11.19.08 07:12 PM)
Caitlyn said:
I saw this on someone's blog and thought of you!
(11.19.08 08:43 PM)
jackie wonders said:
i don't know why exactly, but i immediately thought of the movie "homa alone" when i saw this...awesome.
(11.19.08 09:53 PM)
amy said:
HI! I wasn't sure where to write a general comment about everysingle picture you have ever taken... but I am just completely in joy just scrolling through your work. I didn't realize so much talent could be coming from one person! Really, your pictures are the best that I have ever seen. Ever. Take care! amy
(11.20.08 01:07 PM)
capitan said:
and a cool guy too :)
(03.26.09 03:41 AM)