When I asked Hudson what he wanted to be for Halloween he immediately replied, "JACK THE PUMPKIN KING!". I ended up doctoring up a tux and making a crazy bat tie for him, I tried to slick his hair back since Jack Skelington is acutally bald, but he WOULD NOT let me, so he sort of resembles Beetle Juice or The Joker. In any case, I think he's adorable and we ended up making Sloan Hudson's pumpkin! Enjoy!





On the 22nd we went to Disneyland with the Kasier family the California Adventure's Halloween Celebration. It was really fun, I would highly recommend this if your are looking for a Halloween family activity for next year!

Grace made a great witch!

I stole these next two image from Nate & Jaclyn's blog, since I forgot our flash that night he got some pretty crazy fun images of our crazy kids together, this one is my favorite!



I know that this shot has nothing to do with Halloween, but I thought I would post is anyway! Justin going crazy at Chuck E. Cheese's!

I also loved this shot of Sloanie and Jasper!
Safe Trick-or-treating everyone!

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kelli said:
That is soooo cute! Sloan looks so much like you! And I LOVE their costumes! Happy Halloween!
(10.31.08 12:58 PM)
jackie wonders said:
you're family is so freakin' adorable :)
(10.31.08 01:03 PM)
david & kimi said:
omgosh hudsons costume is the bomb!!!!'re not talented or anything!! sheesh! that pic of j is awesome! have a rad halloween guys!!!
(10.31.08 01:03 PM)
Camille Elise said:
Love all these halloween shots!! How did you get the stripes on Hudson's suit? I'm absolutely in love with Jack Skellington, Hudson definetly makes him his own with that head of hair :)
(10.31.08 01:04 PM)
rik andes said:
adorable! that costume rocks, non-slicked hair or not! you're awesome. happy halloween!
(10.31.08 01:10 PM)
Cristy Cross said:
As always your kids are adorable. My baby is going to be a monkey, but on my blog I have some dinosaur pics of him. Its so much fun dressing up these babies :)
(10.31.08 01:39 PM)
jac said:
yeah yeah! kuddos to you amelia for hudson's costume! i loved chillin at dland with you guys! the first one of grace & hudson is adorable!
(10.31.08 02:29 PM)
angie + matt said:
HA HA! They are so flippin cute:) Happy Halloween guys!
(10.31.08 02:31 PM)
Ashley said:
These are SO SO SO cute! Ahh! I think I need to have kids sooner than later!
(11.01.08 12:33 PM)
nicole green said:
i love hudson's make up! great job on both! :)
(11.01.08 02:51 PM)
dustin & jessie said:
Of course Hudson is the Pumpkin KING! and Sloan would be his pumpkin! They are Absolutely Adorable and Very Handsome each in their own individual ways! We love those boys and their personalities!! So glad to see you all looking so great and having so much fun together, MEMORIES!!
(11.01.08 03:43 PM)
rog said:
Just wanted to say rockin opossum apple bootoms! You're the best, and I'm in like with you! Rock to ya momma, I'm OUT!!!
(11.02.08 07:41 AM)
Hanssie said:
Sloan is like seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen (aside from my little one of course!)
(11.02.08 03:47 PM)
Emma said:
They look DARLING! The outfits are adorable!
(11.02.08 05:44 PM)
john waire said:
what fun! hudson's outfit is awesome.
(11.03.08 04:29 AM)
Candace Prokopets said:
Ok, those are some awesome costumes. Your kids are so cute!And of course, the pictures are rockin!
(11.03.08 07:52 AM)
bethelynk said:
that is the BEST halloween costume i have seen in so long. adorable!!! is there an end to your talent and creativity?
(11.05.08 06:54 AM)
Robin said:
Hudson looks awesome! Sloan is stinkin cute too.
(11.05.08 08:09 AM)