Happy 31st birthday to my wonderful husband and best friend! This year's gonna be a great one for you, I love you more than words can tell!

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Shannon Sewell said:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!! Hope ya had a great one :) ~S
(07.07.08 12:01 AM)
gabriel.ryan. said:
happy birthday my friend! so glad to have gotten to know you in your 31st year. rock.on.
(07.07.08 12:39 AM)
Tiffany said:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Have an amazing day! :)
(07.07.08 06:05 AM)
Roger W Ellsworth said:
Justin, what'd you wish for? Seriously, I won't tell your wife and kids you told me. They don't have to know anything. Maybe I can make it come true. The Santana discography? A star named after you? Tickets to the roller derby? How about a beta fish in a plastic cup from your local Wal-Mart, I'll make sure they drill holes in the lid so you won't even have to have a fish tank. Well, let me know. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'll see you soon. (don't be scared)
(07.07.08 06:24 AM)
Tiffany Izatt said:
A big happy birthday from Utah!
(07.07.08 08:58 AM)
Nat & John said:
HaPPy BirTHDaY Justin!!! Hope you had a WONDERFUL day!!!
(07.07.08 05:53 PM)
david & kimi b said:
happy happy birthday brosef!! hope it was kick @$$!!
(07.10.08 01:48 AM)
Jessie said:
NO!!! My baby boy can't be 31! Is that German chocolate cake?!? You're favorite! Hope you had a fabulous birthday. We love you and your darling family!
(07.10.08 07:34 PM)
Paige said:
wow...31...well done. hope it was a good one...and uh, you're still young...right?
(07.10.08 08:25 PM)
Courtney Jones said:
I love those candles!!! We had fun at the beach on Monday night. Hannah was talking about her new best friend the next day.
(07.10.08 10:45 PM)