Today we will be heading in the Arizona mountains to attend my family reunion among (literally) 1,000 other family members...the line goes back about 6 generations! We'll be returning on Monday August 4th, so if you are trying to get a hold of us please be patient, we will returning shortly! We'll miss y'all! Have a fantabulous week!

In the meantime, here's a sneak peak of a photo session with Denise Bovee!

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cameron ingalls said:
beautiful image! you are legit! have an amazing reunion.
(07.31.08 03:08 PM)
denise Bovee said:
oh oh! cant wait :))) have fun on your trip!
(07.31.08 09:43 PM)
michael b said:
which action (if any) is being used on this image, and many others of amelia's wonderful work? i so enjoy the grainy feel and texture of images like these. can anyone say?
(08.02.08 08:59 AM)
diana Simpson said:
that shot is just beautiful!
(08.03.08 01:55 PM)
Angela said:
WOW! I just spent about 20 minutes in Awe over your work! It is so inspiring and you are so truly gifted people! Really just wow!
(08.30.08 11:44 AM)