My absolute favorite time of the year is FALL! I try with all my might and will power to hold off on bringing my fall/halloween decor out until after the 1st of October. I was so excited this morning when I realized that today would be the perfect day to break it all out. Here in Southern California, the only sign of fall we really get is dry Santa Ana winds, but I LOVE it. The "Santa Anas", as my sister Nicole and I would call it (we got that from watching the movie The Holiday), remind me of happy times, homemade soup, and an urge to get into my kitchen to bake! I remember being a little girl and my parents would open up all of the windows and doors to let the Santa Anas blow right through our house (happy sighhhhhhhh....)

Anyway, here are some of my fall decorations, have a good weekend everybody!

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nicole deanne said:
I LOVE it! I am so jealous.... I need to bring fall into my life. Too bad last night was a total flop for halloween decorations. I am inspired and going to whip up some decorations TODAY! Love you sister! "The Santa Ana's"
(10.02.09 03:59 PM)
jac said:
so cute! and jasper wears that captain america shirt all the time!!!
(10.02.09 04:26 PM)
Jane Hasty said:
Too cute! I like the last decoration the best! ;)
(10.02.09 04:31 PM)
Amber said:
Your a cute mom Amelia! Your boys are so lucky! And that last picture of sloan kills me! He is too grown up.
(10.02.09 07:52 PM)
Regina said:
I LOVE FALL, we live in Michigan and it's the best. The pumkin patches, the warm cider, apple cinnamon donuts, the decor. Ah! I wish it lasted for 6 months. Love your decor. Happy Fall to you too.
(10.03.09 07:59 AM)
Corissa said:
How beautiful! Fall is just wonderful!
(10.03.09 09:33 AM)
jen berry said:
besides all the obvious decorations that = rad. i love the photos on your mantle. Gorgeous.
(10.03.09 10:44 AM)
Alexandra said:
I love fall too :) And here in England it gets BEAUTIFUL! I love your decorations and the photos above the fireplace - really pretty :) enjoy the season!
(10.03.09 01:07 PM)
francis said:
WOW-Great blogsite!!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed the pictures- thanks for brightening my day ! Francis
(10.03.09 05:24 PM)
Jenny Duffy said:
I've got those same lights on my mantle! Love em and love your images! Yay! Fall!!!!!
(10.04.09 08:47 AM)
Becka @Studio222 Photography said:
I can't wait to have kids! I saw all these ADORABLE decorations at the store the other day and knew if I put them up in the house Nate would be like... "what the hell?" ;) At least if I had kids I'd have an excuse for it!
(10.05.09 01:19 PM)
Cathy said:
Sigh.... I LOVE fall!!! And I am so excited that it is finally here! Thanks for the inspiration...I'm definitely going to have to go out and get some cute fall & halloween decorations for my own house. :)
(10.05.09 07:11 PM)
Ryel said:
I love your decorations for Fall!!
(10.06.09 10:36 AM)
Danielle said:
Yea Fall!! Ooooo I love the family portrait with the son is the air!!! So fun!
(10.06.09 10:37 AM)
imthiaz houseman said:
oh, this post makes me so happy! can't wait to decorate my house this weekend!
(10.07.09 03:17 PM)
Erin S. said:
I love Fall too... and the "Santa Anas!" I enjoyed your post. ;)
(10.08.09 10:13 AM)
Bethany Vieth said:
Q: I love that tall frame in the middle... Would you mind sharing what the dimensions of that photo is? Actually they all seem "taller" than normal... :-)
(10.08.09 10:40 AM)
amelialyon said:
Bethany, The sizes of frames on our fireplace are full frame (no cropping) so all of the images are true to size. The big one is 20x30, the one to the left is 16x24 and the one on the right is the only one cropped at a 5x7.
(10.08.09 11:35 AM)
Chris said:
I love the big photo on the mantel!
(10.08.09 12:44 PM)
rosaura said:
i so love your decorations and your spirit and your style. i love the photos on the mantle. the middle one is just so amazing. who took that one? happy fall!
(10.09.09 10:55 AM)
MOM said:
Oh my goodness - Yes Fall is in the air and you have a great display of decor - I love it! And Especially love seeing my cute grandson Sloan in this last picture!!!! Jusst looking at him makes me smile!!!!! Love MOM - "MAGGA"
(10.14.09 01:26 PM)