First Whammy: Happy 6 year anniversary to my life-long sweetheart, I can't believe how lucky I am to be married to the most amazing man alive! The past 6 years have been nothing short of happiness and excitement, here's to the rest of our forever Justin!!!! I love my Hudd!

Second Whammy: We found out on our anniversary, August 2nd, that we won the Blu Photographer of Year 2008-2009 award! WOW! (Imagine our jaws dropped to the floor!) We can't believe it! WAHOOOOO! When we found out about our nomination we were extremely honored and flattered to just be mentioned among the other talented photographers in running. We want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that follows and supports our work, also to those who took the time to vote for us! This has been a fun ride and we loved every minute of it! We've read everyones' comments and feel a deep sense of gratitude for what has been said.

This photo was taken at my family reunion on our anniversary at the top of Sierra Trigo, I think it best fits how fun that day was! Yippee!

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Julie Parker said:
Congratulations guys-you so totally deserve it!!!
(08.03.08 11:06 PM)
david & kimi b said:
i think i've found my screen saver! congrats guys!!!
(08.03.08 11:14 PM)
angie + matt said:
Holy smokes! 6 years have flown by! Congrats on the anniversary and congrats on the win!!!
(08.03.08 11:23 PM)
jac said:
happy anniversary! we are so happy and proud of you guys for all of your amazing work!!! can i still be your friend? :)
(08.03.08 11:31 PM)
sandra said:
i am so jazzed for you guys! and i have been thinking about your anniversary all weekend! happy 6 years! can you believe we have know each other that long. and um.. of course you got the photog's of the year!!! you both deserve it more than anyone else i know! :)
(08.03.08 11:41 PM)
angel swanson said:
congratulations on blu photographer of the year, as well as 6 fab years! ;-) erik and i celebrate 3 years on wednesday, so i'm feelin' the lovey dovey mood.
(08.04.08 12:14 AM)
Jen Bebb said:
So happy for you guys! We talk about you two in every workshop we do, so this is no surprise to us! Looking forward to seeing you both sometime soon!
(08.04.08 12:56 AM)
caspix said:
fantastic work guys! I am a serial reader of your blog. Go YOU!
(08.04.08 03:44 AM)
Suzie said:
Congrats on Blu Photographer of the Year and your anniversary! Your work is amazing!
(08.04.08 05:51 AM)
Pandora Van Natter said:
Amelia & Justin, Congratulations on being Blu's Photographers of the year and 6 years of happiness together! Well earned! ~Pandora
(08.04.08 06:28 AM)
Oly said:
Wow! congratulations guys. your work is so amazing ;) -oly
(08.04.08 06:43 AM)
Tyler Jacobs said:
YEAH!!! Congrats, guys!! You totally deserve it!! I'm glad to see my vote counted! :D
(08.04.08 08:35 AM)
Kelli said:
YAY!!! You guys are GREAT and deserved the win!!!
(08.04.08 09:13 AM)
WHAAMMMYYY!!! Super Congrats on the success of your marriage and biz. peace and love.
(08.04.08 09:27 AM)
Meredith Carlson said:
I already commented on Blu's site, but I didn't realize it was your anniversary too! Congrats you guys. You're a huge inspiration to me!
(08.04.08 09:31 AM)
Jasmine* said:
Love you guys...CONGRATS, my friends! :) xoxo...
(08.04.08 09:49 AM)
Tonya Peterson said:
I am so excited for you! You guys are awesome and totally deserve it!
(08.04.08 09:56 AM)
Jonathan Kim said:
That is so freakin awesome! You guys most definitely deserve to be the winners! Congrats!
(08.04.08 10:18 AM)
Ashley said:
So cute! Happy anniversary you two! You are both so talented that it's really no surprise you won! I love learning from the best =).
(08.04.08 10:27 AM)
Congrats you guys-it was great being nominated along side you of you two...WHAMMY!!!
(08.04.08 12:09 PM)
Roger W Ellsworth said:
THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY OVERLOOKED YOU GUYS AGAIN! I COULDN'T SLEEP LAST NIGHT I WAS SOOOO MAD!!! WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD EVER......WHAT!? What was that? Oh...wait up,...they won? Oh good. See... I always new that you would do it. You are the best. CONGRATS my friends. You guys, I had a dream last night and Nate was in it and he was showing me how to flip his hat (like in the Man of the Year pics), It was cool...but wierd. Don't tell anyone. I don't want anyone thinking I'm crazy. Tell Nate, it was nice to meet him.
(08.04.08 12:27 PM)
pauline said:
congratulations! you guys truly do some amazing work!
(08.04.08 12:35 PM)
Gretta & Rob said:
Yay!! I KNEW you could do it. It's because you are the best photographers in the history of everything. We LOVE you guys.
(08.04.08 01:47 PM)
ScotWharton said:
(08.04.08 02:12 PM)
Hanssie said:
Yay! Congrats guys!
(08.04.08 02:31 PM)
shain said:
Congrats you two! I just started visiting your blog since the bludomain contest has started, and I love your work so much! So congrats, and HAPPY 6 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!
(08.04.08 03:02 PM)
Malia Peniata said:
Congrats on winning! You guys do extremely good work! I love it! No one else should have one but you guys. Congrats again!
(08.04.08 05:38 PM)
Corine Tran said:
Congrats again guys, you rock! Much deserved!
(08.04.08 10:18 PM)
nancy said:
I voted for you guys!! :) congrats!!! you totally deserve it! :)
(08.04.08 10:54 PM)
Michelle Moore said:
HOLY CRAP! Congratulations on LIFE!!!!!!! You two are AHmazing!!!!
(08.04.08 10:56 PM)
jamie said:
congratulations- well deserved! i love following your blog.. you are so dang good! :)
(08.05.08 09:43 AM)
Ryel j said:
Woot Woot!!!! Congratulations... doubly!! I love this photo :)... It's so you guys!
(08.05.08 12:28 PM)
Blair Van Bussel said:
wow! Congrats x2! You guys rock it - of course you won! ;)
(08.05.08 01:55 PM)
Heather Brown said:
AWWWW CONGRATS YOU GUYS!!! How exciting! I do have to say I still remember Hud sayin that his DREAM GIRL has a boyfriend (but not as long as he keeps coming around) hahahha. I love it. Congrats on 6 years!!! And HUGE congrats on BLU PHOTOGRAPHER of the year!! Love you guys and miss you!
(08.05.08 10:17 PM)
Mandy Abbott said:
You guys are amazing!!! Even though I'm still mad at you Amelia for making me wear that purple mumu!! Happy 6! Love you guys.
(08.06.08 08:58 PM)
ksen :) said:
congrats! congrats! congrats! knew you guys would win cuz you are the bomb diggity! :D
(08.07.08 10:19 AM)