Yippppeeeeee! We have officially made it to the top four nominees for Bludomain's photographer of the Year, be sure to stop by their blog and VOTE FOR US as soon as you can by clicking HERE!

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Ava Zub said:
GOOD LUCK...I voted for you.
(07.31.08 11:25 AM)
shipra said:
just voted...go LYONS!!!!!!!
(07.31.08 12:41 PM)
Becky said:
I voted for you guys...I've been stalking your blog, and I really love your stuff. Crossing my fingers for you!
(07.31.08 01:30 PM)
Gretta said:
I voted!!! Win Win Win!
(07.31.08 01:50 PM)
denise bovee said:
oh oopsss..i voted for whats their name..... haaa kidding. You know I love you guys! you get my vote!!
(07.31.08 04:01 PM)
Paige said:
done and done! Good Luck you two!!!
(07.31.08 04:28 PM)
Chatti said:
I voted! Love you guys since forevr! Of course you will win. Corssing fingers and eyes, and hands, and feet!
(07.31.08 07:11 PM)
ben + laura said:
you got our vote ... good luck and keep up the snazzalicous work!!
(07.31.08 07:47 PM)
alice park said:
hello! i JUST discovered you guys from bludomain's little (no BIG) contest and i CAN'T believe i had never run across your work before. you guys are AMAZING!!! everything you post is so inspirational and different from anything i've seen. and the best part is - you guys are great bloggers! best of luck for photographers of the year. you definitely have my vote!
(08.01.08 08:38 AM)
Roger W Ellsworth said:
Amelia, your freckles and Hud's galsses have more personallity than all of personallity town. That's right outside of "bad to the bone" Kingdom, if you've never been. They've actually got a killer 15oz steak. Mmm...delightful. Oh, and if you don't win...I'll hold a little contest of my own, and I'll see to it that you do win. Good luck friends.
(08.01.08 02:19 PM)
jeremy parsons said:
Awesome things for awesome people. Man I'm stoked for you guys! Your work is so sick!
(08.01.08 03:02 PM)
YVONNE said:
(08.01.08 05:15 PM)
Anonymous said:
Congratulations! Well deserved win. :)
(08.02.08 08:37 PM)
Corine Tran said:
Congrats, we think your work is phenomenal and truly believe you deserved to win!
(08.02.08 09:56 PM)
ksen :) said:
i voted for you!! you guys are the bomb-diggity!
(08.02.08 10:07 PM)
wrecklessgirl said:
for realz, yo. you 2 rox. n stuff. ;) congrats!!!
(08.03.08 09:34 AM)
Beebe Tran said:
Hey just wanted to tell you guys congrats on the win! You guys are much deserving of this honor. I've found a new inspiration by looking at your work. We do hope to meet you guys in Vegas at WPPI 09! Hope all is well!
(08.03.08 09:30 PM)
Sam Hudson said:
Hey Hud- Trying to avoid going to sleep, because that would mean I'd have to wake up and go to work. Looking around at blogs, ran into yours. Hope things are good, ran into Wiemer a few years back in London and we talked about you. Haven't talked to him since, lost his contact info (if you know where he's at, let me know so I can bug him too). Send your old MTC comp a message, it'd be cool to catch up. The other hud, Sam Hudson
(08.03.08 10:14 PM)
denise bovee said:
woa!!!!! im soo excited for you guys!!! you really are inspirational and you so deserved this!! congrats on the win :) xoxo
(08.03.08 10:40 PM)
YVONNE said:
CONGRATS!!! you guys are awesome!
(08.04.08 08:51 AM)
Trista Lerit said:
CONGRATULATIONS!!! You guys totally deserve it...your work always inspires me :-) HUGS!
(08.04.08 10:17 AM)
Kris Sundberg said:
That's no suprise to me. congrats!! i'll spread the word
(08.04.08 04:38 PM)
Krista said:
wow, this is such an honor. You rock I love your work thanks for being such a great inspiration.
(08.06.08 04:22 PM)
Charlene said:
Congrats to the two of you's. I have been gone from BLU for awhile and saw you two as winners!! That's Awesome!!
(08.14.08 11:32 AM)