Just a quick update on the bid for the photo sitting, it is currently at $1000.00. I am closing the bidding at Midnight (Pacific Standard Time) so please email me with your bid or leave a comment. Have a safe and Happy New Year!!!! I'll be announcing the winner to the auction in the morning!

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Cynthia said:
Oh Amelia! blogs and websites like yours make me second guess if I really have what it takes to be a photographer. AHHHHGGGGG. You are so unique and different, I am sooo traditional. Yet I go nuts wanting to be better and better. I just came across your website tonight and I read it all hoping to find some more clues to tip me in a new direction. Thank you for making me reach farther to be better. What is your favorite lens, no matter the cost, and the crispness of your photos!!!!! Fantastic! Got any tips in this area? Good night and sleep tight it 3:53 New Years Day.
(01.01.09 01:53 AM)