I'm so happy to FINALLY do Monroe's "year in the life of" post for her second birthday...I'm only two months late!;) Better late than never! 

It's BANANAS to think of the transformation that took place between age 1 and 2 for our little Monroe! She went from baby, to toddler, to little girl in ONE year!! She brings SO much light and JOY to our family! Her smile, her little voice, and the way that she pronounces "Cin-da-lolla" (Cinderella, lol) just melts our hearts!!! She's so playful and her happiness is so contagious, it's amazing! What a blessing she is to our family, we love this little girl to pieces!

Monroe age one and age two, side by side!
Her first birthday party! September 2012.
October 2012.
roe_2_1005.jpgOur little Princess Leia! Halloween 2012.
roe_2_1006.jpgAnakin and Darth Vader wouldn't be complete without her!
December 2012, we picked out our Christmas tree!
roe_2_1008.jpgChristmas day!
My favorite sweater on her, I just had to buy it! January 2013.
roe_2_1011.jpgFebruary 2013.
Easter Sunday! Our little family!
roe_2_1013.jpgMarch 2013.
roe_2_1014.jpgApril 2013.
roe_2_1015.jpgMay 2013. Zion National Park!
roe_2_1016.jpgroe_2_1017.jpgroe_2_1018.jpgJune 2013. Hudson adores her SO much!
roe_2_1019.jpgroe_2_1020.jpgSo does Sloan!
roe_2_1021.jpgJuly 2013!!:) Took a two week family road trip through Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, & Montana, it was amazing!
roe_2_1022.jpgroe_2_1023.jpgroe_2_1024.jpgroe_2_1025.jpgYellowstone! July 2013.
I'm so thankful for every day that she's in my life!!
roe_2_1027.jpgOur family! Yellowstone, July 2013, on daddy's birthday!
roe_2_1028.jpgLove this playful shot of Monroe! Also, she LIVED in her Dot Dot Smile leggings and florescent orange sandals all summer long!
roe_2_1029.jpgroe_2_1030.jpgroe_2_1031.jpgThe road trip continued! July 2013, her first horse ride!
roe_2_1032.jpgroe_2_1033.jpgroe_2_1034.jpgAugust 2013. Camping up the California coast!
She's such a ham!
roe_2_1039.jpgroe_2_1040.jpgOur 11 year anniversary, look at those three babies we get to love! What a blessing!!
roe_2_1041.jpgAugust 2013. The boys' first day of school!
roe_2_1042.jpgOne of my favorite photos of her and I to date!
September 2013! How in the world did she turn TWO already?! 
roe_2_1044.jpgroe_2_1045.jpgroe_2_1046.jpgroe_2_1047.jpgGrandpa and daddy made sure there was a Foofa piƱata at her birthday party!! She was in love!
roe_2_1048.jpgWords cannot describe how much we ADORE this little lady!! Can't wait to see how she grows between 2 & 3! Love her, love her, LOVE her! Happy belated birthday little one!

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angie said:
yay Roe!!! Love that cutie pie!!! These are all so beautiful, what a sweetie she is!
(11.03.13 11:07 PM)
gramma jessie said:
Oh, we love her so!! Thank you for posting ... we missed so much ... so glad you kept a beautiful photo log of these precious times.
(11.04.13 03:41 PM)
cindee starkie said:
Sooo Cute! Makes me excited to see how my little one year old will change this year.
(11.04.13 07:47 PM)
Nicole Deanne said:
Oh this is so wonderful Amelia! Little miss Monroe Nicole! I love her so much!!! She is so perfect. You have such a perfect family! Thanks for providing me with such wonderful nieces and nephews! Xoxo
(11.04.13 09:12 PM)
Marisa Crider said:
She's beautiful, Amelia! And how amazing to have all of these awesome pictures as she grows :)
(11.05.13 06:22 AM)
Erin said:
How wonderful!
(11.07.13 07:08 PM)
Becky McArthur said:
Amelia! I love all of these! I'm so inspired to take more pictures of my kids. Can you do a blog post dedicated to tips on how you make time to photograph your own family? :) Something I have not mastered yet...I feel like I'm just trying to keep up with everyone else's photos. Love, love, love these of your sweet little family. :)
(11.08.13 02:50 PM)
Neal David said:
Awesome clicks and concept is just WOW!
(11.21.13 12:57 AM)
Sam Allen said:
I always look forward to your "A Year in the Life" posts! You take the best lifestyle shots of your kiddos! Each one shows so much personality!
(12.02.13 10:36 AM)
Lisa Reid said:
Oh my gosh!! I am literally in tears viewing these photos of your precious Monroe... and of course, my son awakes as I begin to type. Sighhhh..... WHAT A JOY SHE IS! xo
(12.11.13 01:32 AM)