We arrived to shoot Wendy + Sunup's engagement photos and the first thing I noticed were the huge bouquet of sunflowers Wendy was holding in her hands. I was super excited that they had thought to bring a fun colorful prop to add to our shoot! My favorite thing about this set of images (besides Wendy + Sunup of course!) is the color. I've always told my clients that I love working with color and prefer this over tans, blacks, or most of all browns (fact: I don't own a single brown item in my wardrobe). We shot this engagement session in Costa Mesa and had a blast! We're definitely looking forward to the wedding coming up soon in October!
My favorite shot of the day!

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jackie wonders said:
LOve, lOVe, love, loVE. i'm obsessed with color and don't own a single brown thing either! we're kindred spirits :)
(09.15.09 03:29 PM)
Corinna J Hoffman said:
Oh wow, you're simply amazing! Love the B&W picture with their shadows :)
(09.15.09 03:30 PM)
Amanda Rae said:
These are stunning! I love every single one of them. If I were them I would order one of each and wallpaper my house!
(09.15.09 04:04 PM)
Marissa Rodriguez said:
The second to last, with the orange is amazing!!! I love the one with the purple wall as well! Your guys' work is amazing!
(09.15.09 04:13 PM)
Emilie said:
They rock!!! Fab photos!!!!
(09.15.09 04:17 PM)
Lizzy Peterson said:
Love the one on the bench with the colorful circles! You always amaze me!
(09.15.09 04:20 PM)
Joel Reis said:
Awesome photos, but seriously, no brown? It's such a wonderful earthy springboard for colors to fly from.
(09.15.09 05:25 PM)
Alexandra said:
oh my godddd!!! the one of the shadows ROCKS MY WORLD!
(09.15.09 06:33 PM)
Bianca Valentim said:
10x awesome!
(09.15.09 06:46 PM)
Robert Lee said:
beautiful pics guys....berry berry nice!
(09.15.09 09:26 PM)
Genie said:
OH! Wendy and Sunup! They are awesome! Amelia, I am always amazed by your photos! Looove it! Beautiful lighting!
(09.15.09 10:33 PM)
megan welker said:
love that purple wall :) fabulous, as usual, amelia!! I love the one of them with the colored barrels in the background!
(09.15.09 11:37 PM)
Sophie Delaveau said:
Love the second one pic. Great location et great composition. Great session! Bravo!
(09.15.09 11:38 PM)
Raphael said:
Sweet pics!!!!
(09.15.09 11:43 PM)
rich m said:
totally, completely awesome!
(09.16.09 06:21 AM)
Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said:
By far my favorite shoot! Love's so creative, fun and great lighting! Beautiful work, as always!
(09.16.09 06:22 AM)
KarlB said:
yet again awesome work.
(09.16.09 02:18 PM)
tara Whitney said:
love that last shot in the truck so much.
(09.16.09 03:43 PM)
Jenny said:
Not only did they bring sunflowers, they brought an awesome guitar !! adds so much to showcase their personality ! Great capture !
(09.16.09 05:12 PM)
Wendy said:
Love, love, love the shadow picture and the last one! Amazing as always.
(09.17.09 06:41 AM)
Ryel j said:
This shoot captured great use of color and contrast that made the images really pop! Well done!
(09.17.09 11:32 AM)
Danielle said:
Love vibrant colors! Especially with them against the wall with the artwork behind them! Awesome shoot!
(09.17.09 11:35 AM)
Emily said:
you are hands down amazing! i LOVE how you used your flash!
(09.17.09 02:39 PM)
Shaunae Teske said:
I am just blown away by beautiful all these photos are. You are truly, undoubtedly, incredibly talented.
(09.17.09 07:59 PM)
Susan Keller said:
omgoodness. these beautiful, fun, flirty, creative, relaxed portraits make me so very excited for your upcoming workshop!
(09.18.09 10:00 AM)
ChristanP said:
I probably don't need to say this because you've already got 20 other people telling you...but I will anyways. These shots are RAD!! I like how you mixed it up with natural light and flash photography.
(09.18.09 10:59 AM)
Allison said:
Beautiful series of photos!
(09.18.09 09:09 PM)
Paige Green said:
you are perfection, as always! (P.S. We put your fab wedding pics of ours on the blog!)
(09.19.09 12:37 AM)