I shot this engagement session of Sierra + John, but for one reason to the next I didn't ever get a chance to feature it on my blog until now! I'm really happy to show these images off, I love the location and the color toning. The entire session was shot in Santa Monica!

We started the session off at Sierra + John's favorite and frequented coffeehouse!
js_eng_blog009.jpgOne of Sierra + John's favorite pastimes is wine it was only perfect that this is what they wanted to do during the engagement session.
I also had Emily with Roger Ruth Photography out to second shoot with me that day, love this shot Emily caught of Sierra + John on the streets in Santa Monica!
Have a good weekend and happy shooting everyone!

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Megan said:
these are gorgeous, Amelia! beautiful work!
(06.14.12 07:34 PM)
tiffani said:
you are brilliant. i am constantly in awe.
(06.14.12 07:37 PM)
sara said:
So amazing! I love the colors of these pictures. Beautiful
(06.14.12 09:46 PM)
sarah danaher said:
I adore those last five. I mean, they're all lovely, but those last few are just gorg.
(06.15.12 10:18 AM)
Divine Light Photography said:
STUNNING!!! this guys, man! what infections smiles, i mean, come on, adorable! And you guys always do such an amazing job of capturing the connection, just lovely! - briana
(06.18.12 11:45 AM)
Ashley said:
I love how genuine these photos are! These couples don't seem like they were ever "posing", but like they were just being themselves. You were able to catch real moments, not forced ones. Beautiful work.
(06.25.12 08:15 PM)
Amit Sharma said:
Love is Beautiful!! Really liked the Pictures Amit Sharma Photographer at Indian Institute of Photography
(06.27.12 04:57 AM)
Amit Sharma said:
Great Work Amit Sharma Photographer at Indian Institute of Photography
(06.27.12 04:58 AM)