I was drawn to Nancy + Edward from day one! They both are such sweet and sincere people and I was ecstatic when they decided to hire us for their wedding day and engagement session! We decided to go to my trusty shooting grounds in Downtown Fullerton (I say trusty because I can always find something new and interesting to work with there). I especially loved the chemistry between Nancy + Edward...this really helps make my job easier. Also, I cannot forget to acknowledge the amazing hair and make-up that was done by Nicole DeAnne!

Introducing the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kim:








My favorite shot of the day!




Wedding to follow in June!

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jackie wonders said:
these two are fab.. i love the laughing shot - cute :)
(05.09.09 05:31 PM)
Alisha said:
AMAZING, you always capture love at its best, absolutly amazing shots!!!!
(05.09.09 06:22 PM)
rookie cookie said:
I love the second one. Who da thunk Fullerton had such cool places.
(05.09.09 07:19 PM)
erica said:
lovin those, especially the first 10!
(05.09.09 11:22 PM)
connieMchung said:
hi amelia! these came out soooooo awesome! i absolutely love the 6th image! that is soooo them. :) and your fave too! you captured them so well!
(05.10.09 01:46 AM)
nancy said:
AMELIA!! You truly exceeded our high expectations for this shoot ;) we love you and these images - what more can we say?! You really did get "us" and looking at these pics makes me want to marry Eddie TODAY! But only if you were coming along to "capture" it, of course! ;) Thank you, times infinity! Can't wait to see you soon! xoxo!
(05.10.09 08:59 AM)
maddie said:
wow, drooling over these amazing photos!! i love your work!
(05.10.09 02:49 PM)
Melody @ Sweet & Saucy Shop said:
I love the second image! You captured them perfectly!
(05.10.09 04:19 PM)
Yuka photo art said:
Beautiful photographs! I love her dress!
(05.10.09 04:22 PM)
Robin Ng said:
very nice work! i am happy to found your blog thru twitter!
(05.10.09 05:14 PM)
Christine said:
love the faded style! i am a big fan of motion and blur as well. :-)
(05.10.09 09:38 PM)
michelle cunningham said:
i love the sweet look she gives him. cuties!
(05.11.09 04:51 PM)
Navy Sou said:
I love it!!! There's always creativity brewing in every image!
(05.11.09 07:26 PM)
Mark Higgins said:
Amelie, Love the first image! Cute expression on her face. Was the second image made with a t/s lens?
(05.12.09 12:44 PM)
Ryel j said:
Love it!! These two are soooo cute. Can't wait to see the wedding!
(05.12.09 02:17 PM)
Sarah @ said:
Could they look any happier together?! Sigh.
(05.12.09 04:31 PM)
Jen Slot said:
what a fun session!
(05.12.09 05:03 PM)
Jane Gahng said:
Hi Amelia, I've been following your blog and love your photography! I also didn't know that Nicole was your sister and she did my hair and makeup at our Nancy & Eddie are friends of mine from HS! So excited to see the amazing images from you from their wedding! Good Job!
(05.14.09 01:05 PM)
ellenyun said:
awwww i LOVE these!!!! i especially love the laughing one cus that's SOOOOO you guys! even down to the squinty eyes in the shape of really thin crescent moons! hahahah - i can say this cus im family and i share the same ones :P i love you guys!
(05.15.09 01:08 AM)
ellenyun said:
ok, sorry! i was way too excited about the pics and didn't realize this page belonged to the photog! Hi! AWESOME job! this is so them and i LOVE love love the elegant touch in all of these :) can't wait to meet you in person on the big day!
(05.15.09 01:11 AM)
Bree@MemoryJournalists said:
My favorite is the second shot! Gorgeous!
(05.17.09 09:34 PM)
Jack K Hou said:
How funny.....look at our homepage...We just did lighting for a Nancy & Edward....hahah
(05.19.09 08:11 AM)