Nearly six years ago Ana came into our lives! Since the beginning, she has been a total sweetheart and everyone fell in love with the wonderful energy she added to our family! Fortunately for us, SHE fell in love with my little brother Michael and we couldn't be happier that Michael has decided to marry her! I'm so happy to be able to capture them during this sweet time in their lives together! Ana also happens to be the BEST nanny on the planet! She willingly takes care of our kids a few times a week while Justin and I work our two businesses, what life saver she has been as well! My heart is full for Michael to be marrying such a wonderful person! Congrats on the upcoming wedding you two!

Of course my wonderfully, talented sister Nicole DeAnne did Ana's hair and make-up for this engagement session!
ma_engblog002.jpgma_engblog003.jpgma_engblog004.jpgMy favorite shot of the day on the left!

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tiffani said:
her skirt is so cute!! i think i almost bought it from your ma when she was in sandy last week. :) these pictures are amazing. seriously. i'm in love with your work.
(07.10.12 05:08 PM)
Mel said:
Love! Her outfits are amazing!
(07.10.12 07:48 PM)
Michelle said:
gorgeous as always...!
(07.11.12 12:10 AM)
alycia piganelli said:
LOVE! So happy for Micheal, he was always a favorite because he was so sweet
(07.11.12 12:26 PM)
Kate Whitmore said:
How fun to photograph your siblings (& nanny)! Love this story, LOVE her style, and love these images.
(07.12.12 06:26 AM)
Kelly said:
Congrats to Michael and Ana, nice work!
(07.12.12 07:20 PM)
Angie said:
Yay! They are so adorable!
(07.13.12 09:33 AM)
antonis kioupliotis said:
fantastic story!...I like the colors very much!
(07.21.12 03:38 PM)