Whewww! After one of the craziest/fun weeks ever at WPPI in Las Vegas, Justin and I are ready to jump back into real life! What better way to do this than with a blog post of a fun-fantasticly playful couple like Lindsey + Brandon?! We shot their engagement session down on Balboa Island and used the docks as a backdrop, then we headed over to the downtown area to wrap things up with a "Balboa Bar" (which I JUST discovered, and I feel like a total dork because I should know this, being a Southern California native). Soooo, without further ado, I present to you Lindsey + Brandon Engaged! Ta-da!
lb_eng003.jpglb_eng004.jpglb_eng005.jpglb_eng006.jpglb_eng007.jpglb_eng008.jpglb_eng009.jpgSO much personality:)
lb_eng010.jpglb_eng011.jpgBalboa Bar!
Wedding to come in early May!!!

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brooke bowland said:
WOW. these are incredible. beautiful work as also, i wanted to thank you for being so amazing. meeting you at WPPI was a highlight. you gave me the warm fuzzies. :)
(03.12.10 11:39 PM)
Alec Vanderboom said:
You're awesome. Big fan of the sunken boat shot.
(03.12.10 11:44 PM)
Kayleen T. said:
Love it Amelia! The one in the little boat is so cute!
(03.13.10 12:32 AM)
juste said:
They look so lovely and playful!!:) Well done job!
(03.13.10 01:05 AM)
Shari said:
wow, that b/w close-up of their faces is GORGEOUS! I love it!
(03.13.10 07:27 AM)
sheena said:
oh my goodness I love them! How cute is she! These are so much fun!
(03.13.10 07:50 AM)
Mel said:
I ADORE how smiley they are!
(03.13.10 08:08 AM)
AmyPunky Photography said:
This is a sweet session! I love her goofy attitude!!
(03.13.10 08:43 AM)
briana elledge said:
something about the one with them biting the ice creams is black magic.
(03.13.10 08:55 AM)
Abra Michelle said:
Yep, never cease to amaze me. Who wouldn't L-O-V-E having pictures of them with the love of their life having so much fun and looking gorgeous doing it?
(03.13.10 09:42 AM)
Katie Jane Parker said:
What a sweet session. LOVE the one of them standing in the boat!
(03.13.10 09:51 AM)
Cameron Ingalls said:
(03.13.10 11:02 AM)
Heather Parker said:
I love the one of them standing on the small boat!
(03.13.10 11:31 AM)
tate Tullier said:
Love the goofy face ones! :)
(03.13.10 12:31 PM)
fotograf toruń said:
Love it! The color,composition! Stunning pictures! I'll be coming back to learn form you. Regards
(03.14.10 07:04 AM)
Patrice said:
Happened upon your blog. Amazing photography! The Haiti pictures are life changing.
(03.14.10 10:04 PM)
Rebecca Ding said:
You guys absolutely rocked this! When are you coming out to Oz to do a workshop? :-)
(03.15.10 12:46 AM)
Fotograf Lublin said:
I love tilt shift and ice cream shot :)
(03.15.10 06:53 AM)
Catherine Guidry said:
Amelia, this set of photographs blows my mind! The lighting, the colors, composition...everything is just perfect. Congrats on a great engagement session. Im sure your clients are so pleased.
(03.15.10 09:02 PM)
jena said:
what a fun couple! love the outfits too!
(03.17.10 05:52 AM)
Fotograf Toruń said:
I like it! You have a great talent
(05.20.13 11:16 AM)