I've been waiting for quite some time to feature this engagement session! I submitted these images to be featured on Green Wedding Shoes and I was super excited when last Tuesday Charles + Debbie's engagement session went up on the Green Wedding Shoes Blog, click here to see the feature there with a super cute little write up about their story!

I love that Charles + Debbie went the extra mile and got their wedding coordinator Nancy from So Happi Together involved with stylizing this shoot. All the fun "extras" were provided by Found Rentals and Debbie's stunning hair & makeup was done by the very talented Nicole DeAnne!
cd_eng_bloh025.jpgcd_eng_bloh026.jpgcd_eng_bloh027.jpgcd_eng_bloh028.jpgcd_eng_bloh029.jpgcd_eng_bloh030.jpgcd_eng_bloh031.jpgcd_eng_bloh032.jpgcd_eng_bloh033.jpgcd_eng_bloh034.jpgcd_eng_bloh035.jpgcd_eng_bloh036.jpgcd_eng_bloh037.jpgcd_eng_bloh038.jpgcd_eng_bloh039.jpgcd_eng_bloh040.jpgcd_eng_bloh041.jpgcd_eng_bloh042.jpgcd_eng_bloh043.jpgcd_eng_bloh044.jpgcd_eng_bloh045.jpgcd_eng_bloh046.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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malkoza said:
(06.22.12 04:27 AM)
sarah danaher said:
they're so darling!!
(06.22.12 08:56 AM)
Katie Metka said:
so beautiful! They look so happy!
(06.23.12 08:09 PM)
Photography said:
Very good photography, High quality Images, Thanks for sharing
(06.24.12 11:25 PM)
eboni bullard said:
wow! just beautiful. my favorite is the image of her hand with the ladybug and the one right before it. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your work! your photos tend to tell such a wonderful story, especially your engagement sessions. what time of the day do you normally start your sessions?
(06.25.12 06:45 AM)
Melissa Avey - Cambridge Photographer said:
All I can say about your work is WOW!!!!!
(06.26.12 05:56 PM)
Kelly Cummings said:
So adorable. I love them wrapped up in the quilt and the one with his hand against her face the absolute best. Lovely.
(06.29.12 07:02 AM)