Cassie + Eugene are super sweet! I'm really looking forward to their wedding, especially because I get another chance to work with Nancy (a former bride of mine) from So Happi Together, she'll be their main coordinator for the day.

This engagement session has a good mix of nature versus urban, I thought it all went really well together!

ec_eng002.jpgec_eng003.jpgec_eng004.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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Briony said:
these are fantastic! i love the flare :)
(07.06.10 11:47 AM)
Katie Jane Parker said:
So lovely. Love the black and white one between the two trees!
(07.06.10 11:51 AM)
Katie said:
So ridic rad. Love this!
(07.06.10 12:20 PM)
courtney b said:
fantastic! these are beautiful!
(07.06.10 01:13 PM)
Jen said:
love the tree swing :)
(07.07.10 02:52 PM)
belle said:
love the way you used the sun flares in this shoot!
(07.07.10 09:25 PM)
Caitlin said:
I have to agree with Jen - I love the tree swing as well!
(07.07.10 09:34 PM)
arenda said:
love the delicacy of that first shot!
(07.08.10 10:22 PM)
wedding napkin said:
You know how to capture a good moment. Its beautiful! :)
(07.20.10 08:26 PM)