The great part about having such a LARGE family is that I get to photograph relatives all the time and work with people I love! Carol is one of my many distant cousins and a few weeks ago she married the ever so handsome Casey and together they make a stunning couple!

cc_eng_blog002.jpgcc_eng_blog003.jpgcc_eng_blog004.jpgcc_eng_blog005.jpgcc_eng_blog006.jpgcc_eng_blog007.jpgcc_eng_blog008.jpgcc_eng_blog009.jpgMy favorite shot of the day!

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Mel said:
This makes me want to shoot in full sun, thanks for highlighting how artistic and pretty is can be!
(08.07.12 03:08 PM)
Amir said:
Really like the desaturated look of the last one. has a cinematic feel to it.
(08.08.12 12:10 PM)
Fotograf Gliwice said:
I appreciate a lot your job, as the professional wedding photographer. I will come more often to this blog, thanks for sharing the photos with others, Andrew poland
(08.09.12 04:44 PM)
Gareth - Portrait Photographer said:
Amazing work there! Love the processing!
(08.11.12 03:20 AM)
clippingimages said:
So romantic. Outstanding photography. Best wishes for this couple.....
(08.11.12 08:47 PM)