Morgan + Jake were married on January 10th at the LDS Temple in Las Vegas. They found us through a mutual family friend that insisted they check us out and we are so glad that they did!!! We were especially looking forward to shooting a different temple than we have use to, it was a nice a change and break from the norm.

I'm sure Morgan + Jake's faces look familiar, you may recognize them from their engagement session we shot back in November. The wedding day was lovely and we had some extra time between the temple ceremony and reception so we used the Las Vegas surroundings to our advantage for some creative portraiture.


jmwed0003.jpg LOVE with these shadows!








My favorite shot of the day!














Be sure to click here to view their online slideshow, its a good one!:)

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sean said:
great collection. i love the 5th from the bottom.
(02.26.09 12:49 AM)
Kayleen T. said:
holy cow her eyelashes are ah-mazing! And so are these pictures!!
(02.26.09 01:11 AM)
Emily Quinton said:
Adore these images. Love their style. Want that car!!
(02.26.09 01:20 AM)
Bobby Earle said:
That last B&W one is STRAIGHT RIPPPPPPPINGGGGG!!!!!!! I feel like kidnapping a couple, forcing them to get dressed in wedding attire, and trying to take that photo... and it's like 1:30am :) THAT'S how rad that photo is!
(02.26.09 01:21 AM)
wale said:
these are so great. i love your unique styles, from capture to PP
(02.26.09 04:40 AM)
tiffany said:
Stunning, stunning images!!
(02.26.09 06:04 AM)
Emily Beaty said:
i REALLY love those shadows!!! awesome.
(02.26.09 06:28 AM)
josh mccullock said:
sweeeet wedding! I love the toneage you have! (if thats even a word)
(02.26.09 07:24 AM)
Becka Knight (Studio222 Photography) said:
Gorgeous! Love the processing too!
(02.26.09 07:51 AM)
Tanya Plonka said:
I loooove that close cropped one with her feet and him holding the bouquet. Such awesome framing!
(02.26.09 07:53 AM)
The Bride said:
THANK YOU AMELIA and JUSTIN! these are amazing im so happy you captured our wedding!
(02.26.09 08:16 AM)
The Bride said:
ps. the red background pics are my favorite! (who knew a fast food trash dump would look so amazing!)
(02.26.09 08:19 AM)
Gedas said:
woooow beautiful!
(02.26.09 08:50 AM)
Cathy said:
Amazing work as always! You guys have so much heart and individuality in your images. And it was so great to meet you both last week. :)
(02.26.09 09:49 AM)
Rich Mattingly said:
You shadow shots are SO sweet....I love your style, there's so much grace in what you're doing that it looks effortlessly beautiful...
(02.26.09 10:20 AM)
sandie said:
what a cool temple. Love your urban shots! awesome red backdrop! ring shot is super sweeeeeet too!
(02.26.09 10:28 AM)
Vanessa - V3 said:
Beautiful bride, GORGEOUS photos!!!
(02.26.09 11:40 AM)
Julie said:
Super portraits! Those shadows are the very best.
(02.26.09 01:12 PM)
Adam Zockoll said:
I love the pictures! Cant wait to see more pictures!
(02.26.09 02:45 PM)
Jordana said:
LOOOVE the ring shot. So beautiful!
(02.26.09 02:55 PM)
Anna-Rina Rahim said:
Love the composition, love the post-processing, the couple's hot, the location's sweet - just gotta love the whole set! Great work Amelia :)
(02.26.09 04:30 PM)
Abra said:
Simply amazing. The one of the bride looking straight at the camera is simply stunning. Showed it to my huband and he simply said "wow".
(02.26.09 09:06 PM)
Natalie Norton said:
OH! That ring shot is a.mazing! Nice work!
(02.26.09 11:05 PM)
amancay said:
I thought I knew who I wanted to shoot my wedding (if one ever coems to fruition) but you just blew my mind with that ring shot... what-the-crud! WOWIE ZOWIE!
(02.27.09 09:58 AM)
briana elledge said:
dear wizard of awsome, i do concur, the bride dance aroundy with her dress shot, excuse my lame description, but you get the idea, is muy bueno. keep rockin. briana
(02.27.09 11:03 AM)
Navy Sou said:
These are INSANE!!!
(02.28.09 10:03 AM)
Ashley Rose said:
Amelia, these are magnificent! SERIOUSLY! wow you are soo inspiring :) love love love all of them!
(03.02.09 09:53 AM)
Julie from Elysium said:
holy cow your photos are super hot!!
(03.09.09 11:14 PM)