A few weeks ago Justin surprised me with tickets to see The Killers live at the House of Blues in Las Vegas. Just one week prior to this we were hired by a couple from Las Vegas (Morgan + Jake) to shoot their wedding in January and have since been emailing back and forth trying to figure out when and how we could get together to shoot their engagement session. The surprise trip to Las Vegas was a perfect excuse to "kill two birds with one stone" and photograph this adorable couple while making it a trip to see The Killers in concert (which was AMAZING, one of my favorite bands of all time, thank you sweetheart!).

It was awesome meeting Morgan + Jake and they were great in front of our camera, especially with never meeting us in person until we pulled up at the Mandalay Bay valet parking, which is where we picked them up and drove around town. Here are some of our favorites from that session:





My favorite shot of the day!





Shooting in Las Vegas was super fun, there was so much to work with, we didn't even scratch the surface! We are looking forward to the wedding in January!

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john waire said:
great looking couple. I love your favorite shot as well. that red backdrop is pretty wicked! nice.
(11.12.08 07:40 AM)
Jamie Delaine said:
Aw! Gorgeous! That last one is my fav I think.. :)
(11.12.08 07:44 AM)
heather said:
the first shot with the red background...marvelous! the sincerity is so real there.
(11.12.08 08:45 AM)
preston said:
I absolutely LOVE the fourth picture from the bottom (red background). The color is so dramatic!!! Great job as usual.
(11.12.08 09:22 AM)
Jason said:
These are absolutely beautiful and then some!
(11.12.08 09:32 AM)
Mary said:
Wow! This is such an awesome session! I love it! I am super jealous that you got to see the killers though..haha. I am glad to hear you guys had a great time! Great work guys!
(11.12.08 10:40 AM)
Abra said:
Beautiful couple. I love the light and energy. Great usual.
(11.12.08 04:35 PM)
clint said:
dang!!! absolutely amazing...
(11.12.08 05:27 PM)
rik andes said:
that first shot in front of the red background just made me very, very sweet. awesome work, you guys! great looking couple of kids, too. can't wait to see the wedding!
(11.12.08 07:51 PM)
Lynd-to-the-zee said:
Well hello there awesome!! The pictures that is,, well,, you too. I love all the red backgrounds, especially the fence. Very very nice,, job well done mis amigos!!
(11.12.08 08:03 PM)
Rog said:
good job.
(11.12.08 08:16 PM)
bethelynk said:
as always..perfection!
(11.13.08 10:31 AM)
ben & laura harrison said:
the third shot down is sweet ... you guys are awesome!
(11.13.08 07:28 PM)
Maya said:
Love the shot of them sitting in the parking lot!!! The light's awesome!
(11.13.08 08:32 PM)
Brenda Landrum said:
I love love love the parking garage shot! Your photography never ceases to inspire me!
(11.14.08 09:59 AM)
Shannon said:
AWESOME pictures! Very cute couple and GREAT SHOTS!!!
(11.18.08 07:46 AM)